10 amazing vineyards to sell in the south of France

There has been a huge popularity of wine in France since ages and day by day the demand for wine is increasing in the country. Under such circumstance investment in winemaking has always remained a good business in the country. Several vineyards in France are highly suitable for making wine. Hence, if you are interested in this business you must explore the wine region of the country. That is why in this article we have come up with some amazing vineyards that will produce the best wine in the south of France.

Some amazing Vineyards to sell in the south of France

The following are a list of some amazing vineyards that you can consider if you are into winemaking business:

Vineyards in Provence

  1. Vineyard estate of 40 hectares: Provence is of the best places for producing wine in France. This vineyard estate in Provence has 40 ha including 13.5 ha of vines. Vineyards estate in Provence is located near AOP Coteaux Varois en Provence. The best this is that in this vineyards estate you will get a farmhouse that has about 350 m2 of living space. Now the farmhouse authority has divided the farmhouse into two apartments and one is of 180 m2 and the other is 170 m2.
  2. Country house at the heart of the Luberon: This attractive place is located in a landscape of woods and valleys which has covered 54 contiguous. Vineyard at Luberon is situated just 10 Km from Roussillon and its ochre cliffs. The best thing is that this place is at just one hour away from Marseille International airport. The country house also covers 600 m2 of living space and also has 4 holiday cottage where there are a private patio and two air-conditioned bedrooms for each of the cottages. The winery of this place is highly spacious and well-equipped which is located just at 200 m from the main house.
  3. 19th Century Bastide near the village of Cotignac: This is another great place for making wine which is located near the village of Cotignac. Vineyard at Cotignac is surrounded by gentle terraced hills and vineyards. In this place, you will also get terraces of some highly productive olive groves. Apart from that, this place also has an old stone bastide which is highly elegant, comfortable and is completely renovated. Moreover, in this place, you will get 250 m2 of living space that also has a large swimming pool, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Vineyards in Rhone Valley

  1. Chateau at the heart of 29 Ha: This place is situated at the heart of the estate in a bucolic setting located at the core of Comtat Venassin. Vineyard at Chateau also has a 750 m2 of living space where there are two luxury holiday cottages. The great thing about this place is that it is free from all visual or noise disturbance. It has a total of 29 contiguous hectares out of which there is 11.3 ha of vineyard.
  2. 30 ha vineyard at Gard region Cotes du Rhone: This is another suitable vineyard estate located at the heart of the Gard region, Cotes Du Rhone. Vineyard at Cotes du Rhone spreads over 30 ha in which there is 14 ha of vineyard. Apart from that this mansion spreads over 700 m2 out of which 450 m2 consists of living space. In this place, the winery is built partly underground in which some huge cement tanks have a capacity of 1300 hl. The average annual harvest of this vineyard is about 1400 ha.
  3. 18 ha vineyard in Duche D’uzes: This vineyard is located near a village in the foothills of Cevennes. Vineyard in Duche D’uzes is considered to be one of the most highly respected vineyard estates of AOP Duche d’Uzes. In this place, the winery covers about 500 m2 over 3 levels. Hence in this place, the work of the winery can be easily carried out with the use of gravity. It also has some huge cement and fiberglass tanks with a total capacity of 2400 hl.

Vineyards in Languedoc Roussillon

  1. 500 ha to the north of Montpellier: This place is located just 30 minutes away from the north of Montpellier. Vineyard at Montpellier has a reserve land of 500 contiguous hectares. In this place, there is a building at the heart of the property but that needs to be renovated. There 1800 m2 space in the building out of which 400 m2 is reserved for the living space,
  2. Terrasses Du Larzac: This is another best vineyard that you can hardly find in the south of France.  But before you acquire Vineyard at Terrasses Du Larzac you must know that you will need the signature of a nondisclosure agreement and that must be accompanied with a photocopy of your passport.
  3. 320 ha at Corbieres: This place is highly set for both vineyard as well as limestone cliffs and it is situated just at 25 minutes from Narbonne. Vineyard at Corbieres has a huge building at its heart in which there is 350 m2 of living space. The building in this place is properly maintained and it has four bedrooms with two large reception rooms as well. Apart from that, the building also includes seven apartments. Moreover, it also has some huge cement and stainless steel tanks that have a total winery capacity of 12000 hl. This vineyard has an annual production of about 5000 hl.
  4. Vineyard at Saint Chinian: This is another exceptional property for winemaking and is located in the foothills of the Saint Chinian. Vineyard at Saint Chinian is about 30 minutes away from Bezies, Narbonne and motorway exits. It has a living space of 350 m2 which is renovated recently. There are a 12 m swimming pool and a cottage of 100 m2. The winery of this place can manage huge production and the winery building consists of large barrels.

Hence, if you are looking for some vineyards then you must not forget to consider these above-mentioned vineyards for getting amazing results.

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