10 Signs An Air Conditioner Needs Repair Or Replacement

An air conditioner is an essential unit at home or office. It ensures good indoor air quality so one can rest easy or work comfortably while at home or in the office. Air conditioners wear and tear and age. As a result, their performance can decline over time. Also, the unit can break down at the most inconvenient time.

Regular AC inspection and maintenance can ensure an air conditioning system functions optimally. But due to aging, wear and tear, or other factors, the ac unit can get damaged. Here are signs showing that an air conditioner needs repair or replacement.

  • Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air

The main purpose of an air conditioner is to cool a home during the hot months of the year. A well-functioning AC unit should blow cold air to give families the comfort they need most during the summer. If the unit starts to blow warm air, that is a sign it needs repair. This problem is mainly caused by dirty filters, which cause the evaporator coils to freeze. But other issues can cause the problem. One should call a reliable air conditioning repair Dallas company to fix the unit immediately before the problem worsens.

  • AC Thermostat is Not Working

A thermostat is the command center for the entire air conditioning unit. It communicates with the AC, letting it know when to turn on or off, the amount of cold air to be generated, and taking measurements to ensure the unit functions optimally. When the thermostat is not working as expected, one may notice that the unit runs for some time before shutting itself down. In some cases, the unit may not turn on or even off. If one sees these signs, they should call in professional HVAC experts to repair the unit so that it can function normally soon.

  • Insufficient Airflow

The AC unit can be blowing cold air, but the air is coming out weakly from the vents. This is a sign that the system is having a problem. If there is insufficient airflow from the air conditioner, it will be impossible to cool the entire house. Failing compressor and duct problems are some causes of insufficient airflow. If one notices this problem, they should contact a trusted air conditioning repair Dallas contractor to inspect and fix the unit.

  • High Humidity Indoors

An air conditioner keeps the house cool and removes excess humidity. If one notices excess humidity indoors while the AC unit is running, they should note that the unit is not running properly. It is advisable to inspect the house to know what might be causing the excess humidity inside the house. If they can’t find clues, they should call a professional HVAC expert to inspect the unit and repair it if it’s damaged.

  • Bad Odors Indoors

If one notices unpleasant odors and suspects they are coming from the air conditioning unit; they should know there is a problem. The bad smell may indicate burned-out wires inside the AC. In some cases, one can notice a musty smell, indicating mold growth inside the air conditioner or the ductwork. One may not know exactly what is causing the bad odors, and calling HVAC experts to inspect the system and tune it up can be helpful. Experts will also clean the unit and ductwork to eliminate the musty smell.

  • Loud, Unusual Noise from the AC

Air conditioners make low-level noise as they startup and shut down. Some units make some noise when running. If one notices that their unit is making a loud, unusual noise, that is a sign that the unit is having a problem. Buzzing or rattling noise can indicate loose parts within the unit, while loud, whistling, or grinding noises can indicate a more serious issue. When one notices such unusual noises, they should turn off the unit and call air conditioning repair Dallas experts to repair and tune up the unit.

  • Sudden Increase in Energy Bill

Another sign one should look for to know if their AC unit needs replacement or repair is the electric bill. If an individual notices a sudden increase in electricity bill without extra usage, a damaged or aged AC unit might be the suspect. A damaged or old air conditioner can consume more power as it tries to cool the house. It must overwork to generate cold air. Leaks within the HVAC system ductwork can also increase the amount of power consumed by the AC unit. If the sudden increase in the electric bill is attributed to the air conditioner, one should know it’s time to replace or repair it.

  • Water Leaks around the AC Unit

The air conditioner relies on refrigerant to cool the home or office. Refrigerants or other liquids should not leak around the AC Unit. If a person notices pooled water or fluid around the air conditioner, that is a sign that the unit isn’t running correctly. Leaks can be caused by clogged condensate drain lines, blocked aircon filters, or even broken aircon pumps. Other factors can also cause air conditioner and ductwork leaks. Fixing air conditioner leaks is not easy, and hiring professionals for repair is advisable.

  • The AC Develops Problems More Often

If an air conditioner develops problems now and then, and repairing it has become the norm, one should consider replacing it. Regular AC repairs can be expensive in the long term. Also, an AC unit breaking down regularly can bring inconveniences at home or in the office. It is not wise to keep repairing the unit. Replacing it can help save money in the long term. But before replacing the unit, it is advisable to get an expert opinion from HVAC experts.

  • Check the AC Lifespan

People should note that different air conditioners have different lifespans. How one takes care of and maintains the unit will determine how long the unit will serve them. A properly maintained, high-efficiency air conditioner from trusted brands can last for 10 to 15 years or more. If people properly maintain and care for their AC units, they should expect at least a decade of cooling from the unit. If an Ac unit has outlived its lifespan, replacing it is the best option.

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