10 Special Ramadan Gifts to Give Your Host on Iftar Party!!

With Ramadan revolving around the corner, you must have been invited to many Iftar parties throughout this holy month by your relatives, friends, or colleagues. Since, your host will be pulling out every possible stop to serve you with a lavish meal, arriving at the party with a thoughtful Ramadan gift is indeed one of the best ways to show your gratitude and admiration to the host. You must also know that giving gifts in this holy month is a Sunnah as well. And, above all, presenting a token of love to someone who is serving you with the hard work will give you inner satisfaction. So, check out the list of Ramadan gift ideas given below:

From Islamic printed coasters and aromatic candles to Quran set and prayer mats; there are a plethora of gift options to choose for. Such items are included in the list that is given below and the best part is that these gifts are not only for the host or hostess, but you can choose them for Ramadan gift delivery in Dubai to your friends, relatives, and family members as well.

  1. Islamic Art Paintings

Decorate the walls of the house with beautiful Islamic art on Ramadan is the best way to offer your prayers to Allah. These paintings can be calligraphy, wall paintings, glasswork, ceramic work, and textile work as well influenced by the culture of various Muslim nations around the world like Greek, Egyptian, Persian, and India.

  1. Ramadan Planner

Giving daily planners as a gift to someone is the best idea for this hectic month of Ramadan as they are time-saving and the best way to keep track of daily plans, meetings, and activities. So, your gift will help to schedule everything Ramadan season.

  1. Islamic Artwork Photo Frame

Searching for a traditional Ramadan gift? Need not worry as the frames of the Islamic artworks is the best choice for someone who loves to decorate the place with the holy name of Allah. These frames will help to spiritually connect to Allah during the holy Ramadan season.

  1. Ramadan Themed Personalized Coffee Mugs

The cups that are printed with the prayers of Allah will surely turn out to be the most special gift for your host for sure.

  1. Ramadan Gift Box

Dates Gift Box consumes during Ramadan by people all over the world as they are an excellent source of instant energy after fasting. So, just pack the dates in a DIY basket and your best gift is ready.

  1. Abaya and Hijab

Abaya and hijab will always be the perfect gift for this holy month of Ramadan as only the modest clothing is encouraged in this season. So, get your mother, sister, wife and for your hostess a set of Hijab and Abaya.

  1. Islamic Pattern Arched Prayer Mat

Redefine every day of Ramadan for your loved ones by sending them an amazing Islamic prayer mat that can make their prayers more energetic. They will be very happy receiving this gift, undoubtedly.

  1. Traditional Attars

For all those who do not like using the chemically prepared perfumes, attars will be the best gift for Ramadan as it is naturally prepared and have a pleasant and soothing aroma

  1. Quran Gift Set

A full set of Quran is the perfect option for Ramadan gift as it contains items like uthmani printed Quran with matching Quran bag, a prayer mat, and a tasbeeh as well.

  1. Allah Engraved Pendants

This is a bit unique and the aptest gift for Ramadan. An Allah engraved pendant will be the best token of love and respect for Allah.

If you have been invited to join the Iftar party by someone very special in your life, then it becomes more important to thank them for their sweet gesture in a special way as the hard work of your host should be appreciated. And, you can do this perfectly with the gifts listed above. All of as them can be considered to give to friends, family members, office employees, clients, and, of course, your host or hostess of the Iftar party. So, choose any of them and showcase your gratitude in the best way ever.

Ramadan is the best season to nurture your thankful nature, appreciation, admiration, and gratitude towards your loved ones. But, Ramadan not comes alone. This one month of prayers and fasting results in the most awaited festival EID. To make both of these occasions special and memorable, sending gifts is one of the best ways to convey hearty feelings. That is why; is has come up with its exclusive range of Ramdan gifts with timely delivery services all over the UAE so that one can avail Ramadan gifts delivery in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, etc from here very affordably. So, place your order now and send gifts to loved ones on Ramadan.

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