4 Mistakes That Will Kill Your PPC Campaign Dead!

Paid adverts are now pretty much the way to go when you want your blog or business website to climb to the top of Google in a flash. And despite the cost of the PPC process, this money can soon be reclaimed when the clicks are turned into conversions. But one of the problems with using PPC as a part of your marketing strategy is when you fail to set the whole campaign up effectively. There is far more to this process than simply choosing a few keywords and putting a basic advert together. If you have been spending on your PPC campaign but have failed to even cover your costs, perhaps this article can help.

Irrelevant Ads

Whether you are using Google AdWords or Bing Ads, you must ensure that your text in the adverts matches your landing page content. If you manage to do this well, your quality score and your CTR will be worth the effort. Your click rate will cost you less and you’ll be saving money from the outset. Use your keywords tightly and try to stick to a singular theme. It’s too easy to get carried away, but when you start to see that quality score drop, you know that you’ll soon be paying extra.

Call To Action Missing

If you include a call to action inside your advert text, you’ll have a far better chance of convincing your potential customers to click on the link. Think of something that will encourage your viewers to make that choice to click your advert. ‘Buy now!’ is always a good idea as well as ‘Read More’. Just ensure that the landing page lives up to the hype and offers them a way forward that is both positive for them and your brand.

Testing Issues

Google Adwords offers you the option to run multiple versions of your advert, so why do so few of us use this feature? You can easily set up 2 or 3 adverts with different content and see which one performs the best. Even if one of them proves to be the best, you should strive to test a new version at least on a monthly basis. By changing your adverts frequently you can offer a fresh view of your wares and your viewers will never tire of the same stale old text.

Ad Extensions

These are very helpful for your readers and allow you to add all sorts of important information to the otherwise text restrictive advertising space on offer. You may be surprised to learn exactly how many more % your CTR can be increased by when you include a well thought out ad extension. If you are promoting a copiers rental nyc based service and have some extra text that includes your specifics, you will certainly have a better chance of attracting your target demographic from the outset.

Ready To Advertise Again?

So there you have it, 4 very cool ways to refresh your Google Adwords campaign, so what are you waiting for?

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