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5 Sounds From Your HVAC You Should Know About

Hearing noises from any device is usually a sign that there’s something wrong with the machine. Here are a few sounds that may come from your office HVAC and what they mean:


No, this isn’t the buzzing of bees. If you hear this noise, it can mean a number of things, and it’s difficult to tell on your own.

It can mean that there are a few loose parts or that there’s debris in your unit. The sound can also indicate that your fan blade is out of balance, or the air filter may need to be changed. To be certain what the problem is, contact a professional to look at the system for you.


Mice and rodents aren’t the only things that squeak and squeal; you may also encounter this noise from your blower and fans. This is the sound you’ll hear if they’re beginning to break down.

But, you should also keep in mind that, for some devices, it’s normal to hear squealing upon startup. If it happens often, then there’s probably not an issue. But, if the sound comes unexpectedly, maybe it’s time to have contractors look at the system.


Generally, a humming noise isn’t very serious; it’s a sign that the system is working. The sound may be a constant but gentle companion for you and your employees.

But, if it gets too loud, then maybe things aren’t as normal as they seem. There may be loose parts or an issue with the refrigerant piping. These can lead to serious maintenance problems if left unchecked. So, if you think the sound is more intense than what you regularly hear, then seek the advice of a trained professional.


Clicking at startup and shutdown is normal; anything apart from that isn’t. It may be a sign of a defective or failing thermostat. And, if that’s the case, you’re going to have trouble controlling your system very soon. Because of that, it’s a good idea to have the device replaced.


This sound is a bit more serious than the other noises. If you hear chattering or rattling coming from your machine, it may be a sign that it’s beginning to deteriorate or that some parts are loose. If it’s not that, leaves and twigs may have found their way into your system.

Either way, the sound is a good indicator that there’s a big problem with your unit. Find a contractor who can look at your device and repair anything that’s broken.

These are just a few noises you may hear from your business system. If you think the machine is experiencing problems, then it’s best to call for business or home cooling and heating repair in Pittsburgh PA, to have it sorted out immediately.

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