5 Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

Pet owners are often looking for answers on many behaviours their beloved animal’s show. However, as a cat owner, there are five things you should know in order to give your furry friend the best care possible.


Microchipping is essential and will ensure that if your pet is ever lost, they will be returned to you when found, as it provides your pet with permanent identification. Many cat owners keep their pets indoors and assume that microchipping is unnecessary because their animals don’t go outside. However, nothing could be further from the truth as cats involved in vehicle accidents when being transported are often displaced from their owners, and natural disasters can also separate pets from their homes. Unexpected events such as friends leaving doors open can give cats the opportunity to explore outside and become lost, which is why microchipping is vital for reuniting pets with their owners.


Heartworm in cats is a real problem and can be easily avoided if you understand what to look out for. Mosquitos are often seen as the primary source of transmission for heartworm disease in cats, and they are able to enter your home, which is why even indoor cats are still susceptible to heartworm. There are currently no treatments for cats if they contract heartworm; however, you can prevent heartworm disease with medication that can be administered topically or orally. If you have concerns about heartworm and want to protect your furry friend from contracting the disease, speak to your vet for more information.

Veterinary Checkups

As well as annual vaccinations, the most important reason for your cat to see a vet every year is to receive a thorough physical exam. However, if your pet has chronic conditions or is above middle age, they should visit the vet for checkups every six months.


Contrary to popular belief amongst cat owners, vomiting is not a normal behaviour for cats and could indicate something is wrong with the gastrointestinal tract or that they have a chronic hairball problem. If your cat is vomiting more than once or twice a month, you should take them to see the vet immediately. Typically, bloodwork will be taken alongside a physical examination to determine the cause in order to decide the best course of treatment to provide your cat with the best chance to live a longer and healthier life.


Declawing may or may not sound barbaric to you, but it is still a procedure that is widely practised across the world. However, declawing is never in the cat’s best interests as it causes pain as well as lifelong problems. Your cat’s ability to use their claws for natural cat behaviour, such as walking, jumping, playing, stretching, and climbing, is vital for their health, general well-being, and happiness. Your cat should not lose its claws simply for the sake of furniture because they are an indoor pet. If you’re concerned about your cat scratching your favourite armchair, scratching posts and toys positions around your home are the best way to let them enact their instincts without costing you a fortune in replacing furniture.

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