5 Warning Signs You Need an AC Tuneup

When the hot summer sun hits, do you really want to be left without AC? If you fail to maintain your unit, then you run the risk of problems occurring as it sits vacant over the winter months. If you turn it on and notice problems, they need addressing now if you want to get through the sticky summer nights.

If you think your AC unit may be playing up, then we can help. Read up on our 5 signs that you need an AC tuneup right now!

  1. It Blows Warm Air

You really do not want an AC unit that blows hot air, especially when that dry summer heat starts to hit. Luckily, this is usually a fairly easy problem to fix. The first thing you need to do is think back to when your last air filter replacement happened.

Replacing air filters really is an essential job. Dirt and grime build-up, impeding the airflow. This makes your air-con work overtime, increasing the heat, which blows out into your room.

If you have replaced your filters recently, then it may be a thermostat problem. Check your settings, and make sure it is functioning correctly, sending the right signals to your system.

  1. Get an AC Tuneup if It Gets Noisy

If an AC unit starts to make clanging, clanking, or screeching noises, it is most likely a problem with an internal part. While it is not as easy to fix as an air filter replacement, you may be able to do some AC repairs yourself in this situation.

Check all the screws around the unit are tight, including those on brackets. Then turn off the unit, and clean any dust, dirt, and debris from around the unit. Finally, check the blades and see if any are bent out of shape.

If you still have noise, it is likely to be one of the many internal parts and motors that power your unit. You will need to call a specialist AC repair near you and your home for this.

  1. Mold and Odor Appear

Any ghastly smells or the appearance of mold signifies a problem with water. This will be linked to your condenser unit or drainage. Firstly, check the pipes that let condensation escape from the unit, making sure they are clean inside and out.

Next, you will want to check any outlet for blockage. If the condensation runs into a drain or larger pipe, make sure they are clean and unblogged. If you can not see any problems, or it persists, then you may need a professional for an AC tuneup.

  1. Weak Airflow

If the flow of air from the unit is weakening, it will either be a problem with filters or ducts. Firstly, check your air filters have been replaced and are clean. If not, then make this your top priority.

If the filters are fine, then one of your air ducts may be leaking. For this, you need to call in a specialist to tune up your AC.

  1. Temperatures Swing

Swings in temperature can often be due to other factors in your home. It could be the impact of the afternoon sun, windows that are not tight, or a lack of insulation. Call in a specialist who can tell you the best course of action on a room by room basis.

Book Your Tune-Up

Once these undesirable effects take place, you need an AC tuneup now. Do not delay as you could be left with a long hot summer ahead if the whole unit gives in.

If you enjoyed our informative article, then visit the rest of our blog. We have lots of handy hints and maintenance tips to help you look after the rest of your home and garden at all times of the year!

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