5 Ways For A Healthy Breakfast

Raise your hand if you think breakfast is the best meal of the day? We certainly do! Nothing is better than beginning your day with fuelling your body up with the essential nutrients it needs to have a great day ahead!

Not only is breakfast the best meal of the day, but it is also the most important meal too! But we aren’t talking about a daily trip to get your donut and coffee to start the day—although it is totally okay to treat yourself every now and then!

Breakfast should be taken very seriously and you should put effort into ensuring your breakfast is a healthy one! There is no set menu that you must follow when it comes to breakfast—you get the choice to make it work for you and your lifestyle. But in general, a healthier breakfast means that you are feeding your body plenty of fiber, protein, and calcium at a minimum!

Not sure how to get a healthy breakfast into your routine? Here are five ways you can ensure you get a healthy breakfast each and every morning!

  1. Drink those green juices

Give yourself the greatest gift of the day and drink cold pressed green juices with your meal. They are jam-packed with all the minerals and vitamins your body—especially your immune system—need to get through the day. They are more enjoyable than simply taking a vitamin supplement and you will feel powered up for anything the day throws at you after sipping on one of these delicious green juices.

  1. Pick protein-rich foods

A healthy breakfast should mean that you are full for a few hours, not thirty minutes later. A great way to do this is to eat foods like Greek yogurt, eggs, or nut butter to get a great form of protein into your body. So whether it is peanut butter in your porridge or scrambled eggs on toast, your body will love you for all the delicious protein you are giving it.

  1. Eat those fruits

You should be including fruits into your daily diet, and there is no better time to do it than at breakfast! Whether it is a cup of berries on the side of your eggs on toast or bananas in your oatmeal, fruits always taste better in the morning!

  1. Don’t shy away from carbs

While the carbs in donuts are not necessarily the best for you, carbs, in general, are super important to get you through the day! Try your eggs on a whole-grain toast or even whole grain oatmeal, it tastes delicious and keeps you full! Carbs are a really important part of your daily diet and especially important to intake carbs during the start of your day.

  1. Enjoy your breakfast, it’s not a race

Seriously, breakfast time is the best time of day. Not only are you fuelling your body, but also your mind. Read a book while eating your healthy breakfast. Or try some morning meditation with journaling while you eat breakfast. When you nourish your body with vitamins and minerals that you really need, you will be surprised about how powerful your brain will be and the amazing thinking you are able to do at the start of the day. Breakfast should be your special time and you should make it a routine that allows you to tap into your health, heart, and mind.

A healthy breakfast is super simple to achieve with these five easy tricks to elevate the best meal of the day. From cold-pressed green juices to giving yourself a healthy dose of protein, you will love breakfast and the amazing day that it allows you to have!

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