Adam J Clarke: From Founder to CEO

Aspiring startup business owners often look up to successful entrepreneurs to glean lessons from their journey. Rarely do we see anecdotes of large-scale ventures from a living room. Adam J Clarke founded Macropay in 2013 despite not having a fancy boardroom full of seasoned experts. What he lacked in resources and team members before, he compensated for ideas, brilliant solutions, and passion for making things happen.

Using a disadvantage to get ahead

While some people would think that having mental health issues growing up means a lesser chance of success, Adam J Clarke proved that every challenge is an opportunity to win. He utilised his ADHD and transformed this affliction into a crucial tool in his current success. Having a different perspective on everything does not only make him unique, but it also enables him to come up with creative and out of this world business solutions.

Utilising technology to fill a gap

Adam built Macropay with the idea that the recent technological advancements would change the way the world works. Armed with his strong sales knowledge, he saw the need for revolutionary solutions in the space of alternative payment methods (APMs). Within the next few years after he launched Macropay in 2013, his company started generating millions of euros in profit.

Transitioning from Founder to CEO

As the company grew exponentially through the years, his responsibilities as a founder could not encapsulate the transforming needs of the company anymore. He knew he must step up and take over bigger responsibilities – even if it means not sitting on every call, obsessively rereading each copy, and closely watching the tech team.

As a founder, he was truly hands-on with every part of the company’s journey. As a CEO, he made sure that every team member is a true extension of his skills and talents. Eventually, he would enable his teammates to stand alone and perform anything needed to propel the company forward.

Building the team

Perhaps empowering the whole team is among the largest responsibilities of a CEO. And Adam does not take this assignment lightly. He sees to it that every department performs well even without constant aid and instructions from him. He trained the team so they can independently make crucial business decisions independently.

Adam also sees every member of the team as assets that must be taken care of and developed. His process of selecting incoming team members is also held on a higher standard. Thousands flock from all over the world, but only the ones with the same mindset, expertise level, and passion ever make it in the organisation. At present, the Macropay team is comprised of highly valuable members who can make executive decisions that continuously grows the company.

For all those dreaming of creating their own enterprise and making real progress, Adam J Clarke advises that, “You should not believe that the entrepreneurs you look up to are different from you. The only difference is the ability to handle failure and rejection at an incredible rate. Standing up again after getting knocked over by failure is the most important part of being an entrepreneur.”

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