Alejandro Pena Oversees Community Outreach for Keter Group & Ronald McDonald House

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena has been an industry mover and shaker during his time atop the corporate ladder. Brought on board in 2017, Alejandro Pena has preceded the Expansion of Keter Group into newer markets, focusing on sustainability and environmentalism while reaching out via philanthropic endeavors.

Recently, the work of Keter made headlines when it was announced that Keter Canada would partner with the Ronald McDonald House located in Ontario via the company’s Green Spaces initiative. The outreach program is close to home, not just for Keter Group but for the families it will impact in the future.

Meet Keter Group

Keter Group is a global leader in producing resin-based consumer products. Based out of Israel and founded over 75 years ago, Keter has made a name thanks to its upscale products at budgetary prices. Utilizing sustainable resin materials, Ke.ter has earned a reputation for having affordable and long-lasting products.

Keter is regularly lauded for its outdoor furniture and appliances to enjoy in outdoor spaces and around the home.

Keter Group is focused on many environmental efforts alongside its charitable outreach programs. In addition to the work being done with Green Spaces, Keter Group has connected with multiple logistics centers in Europe to collect back waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. On this same wavelength, Keter works hard to reduce its overall carbon footprint, which has led to some unique business decisions. One such decision saw Keter successfully buy over 20 metric tons of hangers from Decathlon to recycle the resin coated on the materials.

Keter’s Green Spaces program has led to many educational opportunities as it seeks to spread the core mission of the business further. Keter Green Spaces occasionally features educational programs that teach children how to cultivate their gardens while utilizing sustainable efforts properly.

The Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada (RMHCC) is a nonprofit organization primarily dedicated to supplying families with free places to stay.

In contrast, they travel to provide medical support to their loved ones. The organization features 33 programs throughout the entirety of Canada, consisting of a total of 15 individual Ronald McDonald Houses. A franchisee operates each house, but they all work together to accomplish the same goals.

McDonald’s often supports the work of the RMHCC program by offering incentives on a corporate level. In 2022, McDonald’s celebrated McHappy Day, which saw nearly $6 million in proceeds sent toward children’s charities, including RMHCC. In the warmer months, these Ronald McDonald Houses provide a welcoming place for families to barbecue, relax, and otherwise de-stress while on their medical journeys.

To continue supporting the efforts of the RMHCC, Keter Group continues to donate furniture, time, effort, and money to the cause.

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