An Overview of the Cannabis Market and the Consumers

Cannabis is getting its legitimacy in the global scene due to its medicinal and recreational benefits. Another major reason for the rise in marijuana consumers is the continued legalization by local authorities.

Before government regulation of cultivation and distribution of the plant, consumers were buying their supplies from illegal street vendors. The places are prone to crime and the sale of prohibited substances. Currently, things are different as you can buy a high-quality product from a licensed weed store. There are several selections of cannabis varieties that a person can buy over the counter. You can also access a more open and accessible avenue that has trending products in the industry.

The stereotype’s Approach

In movies, directors will depict users as badly dressed individuals that do not look after themselves. However, this is not true. When you visit a weed dispensary, you will wonder about the diversity of people buying cannabis products. Only stereotypes think that consumers are the lazy type of individuals. On the contrary, many professionals are using it for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Types of Consumers in the Market

Businesses need to understand the dynamics of the people they are targeting to be successful in the industry. The information is vital in production and marketing strategies. Here are some of the users that ventures can find;

Medicinal Consumers

Marijuana extracts are becoming alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs in treating pre-existing or chronic conditions. Users are using it to treat anxiety related disorders, lack of sleep, headaches, and body pains. Individuals undergoing muscle therapy are using gel and cream from cannabis extracts to aid the recovery. Although cannabis is a traditional form of treatment in Chinese culture, it is getting more exposure to the global community because of progressive research on the substance.


The legalization of recreational marijuana allows adults above 21 years to access the product legally from licensed vendors. More adults can now buy and use it when the kids are asleep. Recreational marijuana is becoming a viable alternative to alcohol and cigarette smoking among the youth.


Marijuana enhances imagination, and artists are using the product while engaging in creative work. They will mainly consume the cannabis Sativa as it offers a cerebral high. It will help them focus on tasks and improve the productivity of artists. Artists are becoming more open to using the drug and the impact it has on what they do.

The Enthusiasts

There are enthusiasts of cannabis products with an obsession with the plant. Such users will show interest in new products and information about cannabis. Since most users are long-term users, they usually develop or join a culture. You will find them looking to know about the various cultivation methods and the varieties in the market.


The cannabis market is dynamic and robust. More players join the industry to take advantage of the increased number of users for their recreational or medicinal needs. The trend is likely to continue as more states are drafting laws to legalize marijuana cultivation and consumption.

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