Are The Oris Watch Bands A Style Statement?

The origin of the Oris watch bands dates back to the nineteenth century. The watch band began by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the Swiss town of Holstein. Oris’s name takes after a stream flowing near the watch factory. Since 1904 the company has kept its standards of making original handmade swiss watches. Some of the highlights in the timeline of the company

Philosophy of the company

The motto behind the watches made in the company is “ Things must make sense.” The laborious task of making perfect watches runs in the blood of the company. True watchmakers do a job and carve the way for others to follow. Over a century, the standards

have been followed and maintained with trust and care.

Mechanical mind

Oris watch band works on the principle of a clockwork mechanism. It is the real creation of art by years of expertise and labor. A mechanical watch needs to be wound periodically by hand or by a self-driven mechanism.

The quality of the watch has been the same for over a century. The expert principle behind the watch’s mechanism has been there for generations and is stepping into the future. The essential feature of a mechanical watch is the complex working in it. It is vital to be taken care of at regular intervals.

Oris has its service centers worldwide, but sometimes the watch is required to be sent to the headquarters in the expert hands of Rudolf Wyss. Every watchband once manufactured here is treated with love and restored to its former glory.

Swiss original watch

A swiss watch is important because it is protected by Swiss law, which guarantees the quality standards maintained by them. The metal gear and the components used in each regard are, with the utmost care, designed.

The Red Rotor Symbol

A red color propeller symbol is the trademark of the Oris watches band. It embarks on every genuine Oris watch band. A logo shows that the watch has passed all the rigorous tests and is an original and unique swiss Oris watch. Oris provides a warranty of two years on all authentic watches if purchased from an authorized dealer. The Oris watch’s best feature is that it does not require winding for at least 12 hours if worn daily. The arm movements help the red rotor’s movement and tighten the barrel spring. If taken off at night also does not stop the watch from running.

Independent company

Oris watch band enjoys the freedom of being an independent company. There is no third party interference, so the values and morals are maintained through generations and will be in the future. They are open to new experiments with a promise of growth. Customers are the priority in the philosophy of the company.

The beauty behind the making of watches

The best feature of these watches is the in-house movements in them. Oris watchmakers take pride in their vintage methods of manufacturing and the watchmaking techniques used by them. In 1934, independent companies could not use their innovative mechanisms to watch due to the change in Swiss law.

The company was using pin-lever escapements for the watch’s movements, which was no longer an option. According to the Swiss Government’s Watch Statue, no watch company could introduce new techniques without permission. Oris watchmakers created history in 1966 by not only getting the statue reversed after years of fight in the court but won an award for the accuracy of their pin- lever movement too.

Oris Calibre 650, the new edition, displayed their family’s expertise. Superior lever escapement—designated as full chronometer certification by Observation Astronomique.

After producing as many as 229 in-house movements, the company stopped making movements for a brief period. In 2014, with a bang on its anniversary, Calibre 110 was announced, produced in-house. A true craftsman of watches, a new Calibre watch band is created by Oris watch band every year.

Classification of the watches

Vintage history and diverse attitude have lead manufacturing of four major types of watches.

  • Aviation collection- The target customers are the pilots, aviators, and aeronauts. It is a collection that is the possession of many daring pilots. They pride in introducing the first pilot watch in history, which gives these trailblazers the right to lead the way.
  • Motorsport collection- The target customers are motor racing professionals such as formula one racers. The display of chronographs watches adorns this range. Being the pioneers, they lead the way in the manufacturing of the first chronograph watch in1`970. This model is the basic pattern which rules the group.
  • The diving collection attracts scuba divers, diving instructors, swimmers. The jewel in this collection is Oris provider, a professional diver’s watch.
  • The culture collection- It attracts people with a taste in classic watches and exquisite limited editions. It is a collection of all novelties in the company’s archives. It represents the heritage designs all made by the watchmakers.

The watchmakers behind Oris watch band pride themselves in the strong values and culture the watches and the watchmaking mechanisms carry. Innovators who understand the need of their customers make possession of the watchband a style statement in itself.


In the end, we can say that a person with exquisite taste and who cares for heritage should have an Oris watch band in the wardrobe. It is a watch band made in style so that you can be the center of attraction, always caring for your needs. To be a part of a varied heritage and innovative thoughts, join the Oris watch band circle. It is a luxury watch that is a masterpiece of a mechanical Swiss watch. To select one that sets you apart is the only choice to be made by you. Yes, Oris watch band is a style statement to be always carried for future generations too.

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