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Do you want to protect your lovely LP’s or record sleeves? For example it was the record you always played when you where young,or just want to protect them because the sleeve of your LP looks so  cool. When you have no idea whatto look for or what the best way is to do that. Then you have to read this! In the text below we will talk about the best way to protect your most important records and how to keep them in a mint condition!

What is a Blake sleeve?

Most of you LP collectors know what a Blake sleeve™ is and when you don’t know what a Blake sleeve™ is you will find some more information here. Blake sleeves™ are outer and inner sleeves for records that are developed by the American Mr. Blake, who is an authority in the records world. These sleeves are made of a very clear film so the cover of the album is clearly visible and you can enjoy watching them everyday! Also the fitting of these sleeves is 100% perfect so your records look nice and crisp.

Which LP sleeve is the most suitable for me?

You are probably thinking which of the available sleeves will work for me? Let’s first talk about the outer LP sleeves after this we will take a closer look at the inner sleeves for your records.

Outer sleeves

There are two types or outer sleeves, sleeves without closure and one with a flap and adhesive strip. Are you a person that likes to listen to yourrecords everyday or a few times a month? Then the best sleeve to go with are the ones without a flap. These sleeves will protect the coverof your LP sleeve but you will still keep an easy access to your vinyl record! The disadvantage is that dust still can come to your records, however when you file them sideways the chances are less for dust to get to the record. Are you more a person that likes to listen to a record once or twice a year and likes to tell story’s about the music to your (grand)children? Then the best thing is to go for a Blake sleeve™ with a flap and closure. This way your record is protected  the best way and if your grandchildren are playing with them there is almost no chance the LP will fall out of his sleeve 😉.

Inner sleeves

Next to an outer sleeve you have a lot of choices for inner sleeves! This is almost one of the best protectors for your LP’s and will keep your vinyl record in the best condition,but which choice will work best for you?

Most of the times you have a choice between paper and plastic inner sleeves,but what is the difference between them.

Below we will explain more about both choices:

Plastic inner sleeves:

Plastic inner sleeves come in a variety of thicknesses. The plastic Blake™ inner sleeves are available in 40 or 90 micron. Micron is the thickness of the material and a 40 micron sleeve is strong but a lot thinner than the 90 micron sleeve. The 40 micron sleeve however is easier to put in the carton sleeve of your LP and also give a greater feeling. The 90 micron version is the best way to go if you want a lot of protection. Also plastic inner sleeves protect better than paper inner sleeves, these plastic films are made from an anti static film to make sure it will not attract dust and will not harm your records.

Also for these sleeves there is a choice for people that want a sleeve that can be easily taken out, these are the semi-round sleeves. Furthermore there also sleeves that are in a square shape for the best protection against dust.

Paper sleeves

If you don’t like plastic inner sleeves than the paper inner sleeves are the way to go! These sleeves are also made with an anti-static lining to prevent that dust will get to your records. The only disadvantage is that these sleeves look less nice after being used for a long time.

Where can I buy the Blake sleeves?

At Packlinq you have a great choice from all Blake sleeves. Packlinq’s factory is the onlymanufacturer of the Blake sleeves and can help you to find the perfect sleeve for your most import records.

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