Building a Better Tomorrow With Keter’s Blueprint for Sustainability

In the age of the internet, consumers have never been more informed or more willing to spend their money by first assessing their conscious. Sustainability and environmentalism have grown increasingly popular in the past several decades which has put pressure on corporations to do a better job of serving their clients while serving the environment at the same time.

Keter Group, a manufacturer of resin-based home and garden decor, has been providing customers with sustainable solutions to their outdoor living design questions. Based in Israel for more than 75 years, Keter has enjoyed momentous expansion under the guidance of CEO Alejandro Pena.

Leading the way, Pena touted the new release of the company’s Lakeside Collection for outdoor living. Let’s take a closer look at Keter, its goals, and its new Lakeside Collection.

Embracing the Keter Difference

To understand the work done by Keter, we must first understand the process that has made them so popular.

Focused on innovation from the very beginning, Keter was established 75 years ago with a careful focus on creating better products at unbeatable prices, all while keeping the planet in mind. Keter quickly became a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture solutions, something they continue to do to this day.

At the time of this writing, Keter features 5 production facilities throughout North America with 5,000 employees under their guidance. Industry leaders in longer-lasting products, Keter’s items have been featured on HGTV, The Today Show, Melissa McCarthy’s The Great Take Back, and more.

According to the production team at Keter, the company plans to convert recycled materials in its production line from 41.8% today to 55% by the year 2025. This in addition to its reliance on 100% recyclable materials showcases Keter’s serious affinity for environmentalism.

The Lakeside Collection

Operating as stewards of the environment while running a successful business can be a difficult task for any team. CEO Alejandro Pena has taken the challenge in stride, guiding the expansion of his company over the past five or so years.

Pena said of his team’s work in recent years, “Every single day our employees rise to the occasion. They believe that the future is bright, and we can build a better company and, most importantly, a better world for future generations.”

Developing winning solutions to outdoor problems has long been the Keter way and its Lakeside Collection is no exception. The Lakeside Collection by Keter Group features a series of Adirondack-style chairs built in a variety of styles and finishes.

Keter says of its use of recycled resin materials, “The chairs provide all the beauty of classic wooden chars without the hassles and headaches.”

The entire Lakeside Collection is made from UV-resistant materials as well as sustainable resin. Thanks to these materials, the Lakeside Collection is unlikely to fade or face the wear and tear associated with so many cheaper outdoor options.

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