Can Senior Citizens Sue After a Slip and Fall Accident?

If you are a healthy and young adult, then, after a slip and fall accident, it may become a minor affair. You may only suffer from a few bumps or bruises. However, there is also a potential to get head injuries, broken bones, or back injuries in a severe case. On the other hand, according to Salamati Law in California, elderly slip and fall accidents have the potential of getting serious. Reports from the CDC said that one senior citizen in a group of three falls in a year. Among the senior citizens, 30 percent of the people get severe injuries that seek hospitalizations.

Unfortunately, other senior citizens who experience these injuries lead to death. The common injuries the senior citizens suffer after these accidents include back injuries, injuries to internal organs, traumatic brain injuries, fractures, and more. When a senior citizen experiences any of these injuries, they become extremely detrimental to their quality of life. This is because they have a slow healing process, thus leaving them incapacitated for long. You will find that some injuries can end the older adult’s independence.

Should a Senior Citizen Get Compensation After a Slip And Fall Accident?

A senior citizen has the right to file a claim after a slip and fall accident. This is because some of the injuries sustained will need compensation. Most of these accidents are usually caused by clumsiness. But not in all the cases – sometimes they result from the negligence of the property owner. Suppose a property owner will fail to remove or warn people against the accident because of hazards in their property, making them liable. Nursing homes are also blamed when the staff doesn’t take proper care while assisting the residents. In such situations, after a senior citizen gets injuries a because of negligence, they are entitled to compensation

What Kind of Compensation Should a Senior Citizen Get After a Slip And Fall Accident?

Medical Costs

Senior citizens are more prone to injuries that take longer to recover. Therefore, their medical cover tends to be a considerable amount they have to claim.

Long Term Care Costs

The other type of compensation to be included will be the long-term care costs. The incident may result in permanent impairment affecting the senior citizen’s ability to live independently. So, the victim will likely have to go and get assistance in a nursing home. Some of the injuries they experience may include a broken hip, thus limiting their mobility if they get a brain injury that prevents them from taking care of themselves effectively.

Pain and Suffering

Besides getting severe injuries, senior citizens also get pain that leads to suffering. So, in a claim, they will need compensation for damages to their mental and emotional health. The pain and suffering can cause negativity that impacts their quality of life.

Consult Your Lawyer

If you or your senior friend gets injured after a slip and fall accident, consult an attorney for advice. A qualified and experienced attorney dealing with these accidents can help you seek compensation.

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