Divorce 101: Understanding child custody laws in North Carolina

Divorces are never easy. For the separating couple, a bunch of things remain important, such as alimony, distribution of marital properties, and child custody & support. Are you going through a divorce and worried about your child custody rights? Instead of trying to understand the laws, consider hiring an experienced child custody attorney Wilmington NC. In this post, we are discussing more on child custody laws in North Carolina. 

The basics

Parents in NC can choose to share joint custody of minor children, or one parent have the sole custody of the child. There are two types of child custody in North Carolina – physical and legal. The parent with legal custody lives with the child, and if both parents have legal custody, the child will live with both at different times. The legal custody of the child allows a parent to take important decisions related to the child’s wellbeing, including decisions related to his/her education and religion. 

The need for a child custody attorney

Sometimes, parents may not reach a custodial agreement, and in such cases, the court will decide on the custody based on the best interests of the child. Wishes of the parents, willingness to live with the child, physical and mental health of both parents, age and needs of the child, and preference of the child, if old enough, are factors that will determine the custodial rights. To avoid things from going to court, parents need to come to an arrangement, for which they must have a child custody attorney by the side. 

Finding an attorney

If you want to find an attorney for child custody and family law matters, do check their experience and expertise. A good child custody attorney will work on your behalf and handle all the negotiations and discussions, so as to come to an arrangement that’s acceptable to you and in favor of the child. They will also ensure that all other factors related to the divorce are settled in an amicable manner. Even when you are in agreement with your spouse on most matters related to the child’s wellbeing, you should still have an attorney by your side, just to be sure that you are not getting a raw deal. 

Check online now to find more on top-rated child custody attorneys in Wilmington and consult one to know more on your case. A good attorney will ensure your interests and rights are protected, while caring enough for the child’s wellbeing. 

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