Divorce Attorney Job Description

Divorce attorneys are lawyers who have specialized in civil law and their job description involves handling family law issues. Some of the issues that are specifically handled by divorce lawyers are marriage annulment, child custody, legal separation, divorce, child support, and visitation rights. The work of these lawyers involves making emotional and life-changing decisions for those they represent.

To qualify as a Spokane divorce attorney a degree in law is required. A bar exam is also administered to those who have completed a law degree before they are certified. Lawyers who are interested in family issues usually do family law as one of the elected courses during their studies. Family law studies equip lawyers with skills in dealing with family dysfunction, property rights, and child custody issues. Law students can be certified as family lawyers while pursuing a Juris doctorate or in case they do masters in the field of family law.

A divorce lawyer has the duty of addressing the legal aspects of a divorce case. They are responsible for the division of property and debts between the separating spouses and in case children are involved, they make the child custody and child support decisions. This is only carried out after extensive gathering of evidence and detailed paperwork. The documentation and evidence must be availed in court since they are needed to make legal separations through the lawyer.

A good divorce lawyer should be sensitive and be a good listener since the information they gather is used to make life-changing decisions. They are expected to suit their client’s interests and should therefore be non-judgemental when handling such emotional cases. The lawyers should have strong interpersonal skills and life skills. Such skills are very important in such a profession. They should be able to practice advocacy, mediation, and dispute resolving.

These skills are mainly learned during their training and fieldwork experience and are very key when practicing family law. Clients consider a lot of things when choosing a suitable divorce lawyer to handle their case. They look for someone who can best represent them and their specific needs without being carried away by emotions, stress, or pain.

Below are some of the qualities of the best divorce lawyers

  1. Experience

In order to handle a divorce case effectively, a divorce lawyer should have some experience and practice in going about such cases. A lawyer who has encountered several similar situations are well informed and know what to do throughout the process. The experience of an attorney gives the client confidence and comfort and also makes the process easy and relaxing for the victim.

  1. Good communication skills

This profession involves dealing with numerous discussions between two sides of the people getting divorced. Their duty to their clients is listening and hearing clearly what the client wants, what interests them, and what they need. They are then required to communicate this issue to the other side in a clear and specific manner. It is therefore important that divorce lawyers have confidence while speaking in public, have good listening skills, and be able to pass the intended information accurately and precisely.

  1. People skills

These attorneys require excellent social and interpersonal relations skills. The divorce process evokes a lot of emotions, tempers, and tense situations. A divorce lawyer should therefore be able to maintain calmness, professionalism, civility, and composure all the time no matter the situation at hand. Being able to easily interact with people makes the communication process and interaction flow smoothly throughout the whole process.

  1. Analytical and research skills

These lawyers are involved in the legal stratification of cases that may be complicated and have several evidence and facts to put into consideration. The lawyers are required to go through all the information and data presented so as to interpret them and generate a viable case. They organize all the information while eliminating those that least help in the decision making.

  1. Judgment

Divorce attorneys process a lot of information that requires logical and critical analysis to identify any loopholes in the client’s arguments and improve them for bargaining purposes. They are required to have perfect judgment when making decisions that represent their client’s best interests.

  1. Creativity

They are needed to be creative when solving problems since they are impromptu issues that emerge. They should be able to make quick decisions and provide innovative, rational, and reasonable solutions when required.

  1. Dedication

A lawyer should be committed and dedicated throughout the divorce case even if it is complex and takes a lot of time. They are expected to be willing to put in effort and time in the process while doing intensive research and offering mediation services. This requires commitment and perseverance.

  1. Competitiveness

Cases, where both spouses involve an attorney, may result in conflict. A divorce lawyer should be able to stand for their client’s interests and needs and work towards ensuring that they are met, and the client is satisfied with the outcome.

Divorce lawyers have a high salary income and most of them charge an hourly rate. The number of divorce cases is also on the rise meaning their services are frequently required. However, the field may experience an increase in the competition since there are many lawyers graduating and a few job positions are available. Divorce lawyers can also relocate from one state to another, but they are required to take another bar exam for the state they are moving to. Work experience is key when looking for a job or an opportunity as a divorce attorney.


Every divorce case is different and unique. Divorce attorneys should be equipped with several qualities and skills that enable them to tackle the whole process successfully. They are needed to represent their client’s wishes, needs, and interests in the best way possible and aim at fulfilling them. This profession however has a lot of challenges and emotions are always involved. Good training and experience in family law practice can be of benefit when handling complex cases.

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