Enjoy More & Spend Less with these Travel Tips

Travel is how we find ourselves and is an essential aspect of the human experience. Without travel, we haven’t really lived. Whether it is a trip to the mountains if you are a pahadi, or a trip near the sea if you are a beach baby; whether it is an international trip or one in your country, every trip is a wholesome experience in itself that we learn and grow from. However, many people hesitate to travel or to fully enjoy their travels due to budget constraints. Due to the costs involved, travel seems like a pipeline dream for much of the population. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whatever your budget, if you really wish to travel you can make it work!

Are you planning for your next exciting trip? Here are a few tips for you to enjoy more and spend less on your next travel destination:

  • Knowing when to book your tickets

If you want cheaper plane tickets for your next travel plan, then the key is to know when to get your bookings done. You need to have patience and keep a sharp eye on airplane deals, check the airplane’s low fare calendar, search for indirect flights and evading extra fees such as priority boarding, checked bags, and use your flight reward points to get the best deals. Another smart way is to use the Bajaj EMI Network Card for travel booking on Yatra and Make My Trip, and get great deals and discounts on the same.

  • Choosing budget accommodation

It is almost needless to say that if you are planning your trip on a budget, then it is advisable to choose an accommodation that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Consider getting an accomodation with a kitchen, or a hostel which is slightly farther than the main city, as these options are usually more affordable! You can use your Bajaj Finserv Card for affordable hotel accommodations!

  • Public transportation

Using public modes of transportation such as buses, trains, metros and sharing cabs is not just a budget friendly way to travel but also gives you an authentic experience of the city you are visiting! Moreover, it is not too difficult to find affordable transportation for yourself. You can just choose the public transit option on Google Maps and it will guide you with the most appropriate options of available buses, trains and the like.

  • Budget friendly shopping

You can definitely shop in a cost effective manner while you’re at it. One way to do so is to shop at the local stores and street markets that will not only make your shopping reasonable, but also help you find memorabilia that is not available in your hometown. Take back sweet souvenirs for your loved ones, without worrying about spending too much, in Bajaj partnered retail stores as well!

You can now use Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card as a pre-approved loan to resolve all your travel woes, and do your flight bookings, find budget accomodations, shop in local partnered stores and book your railway tickets! Moreover, to keep track of your bookings and purchases, you can simply check your purchase history with Bajaj Finserv Login portal. Travelling is easier with Bajaj Finserv!

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