Find an affordable accommodation in your priority location in these two metro cities

Today, metro cities offer a matchless education system and alluring career opportunities which justifies rise in the number of migrants every year. These overpopulated cities have a huge impact on the residential areas today. With such an alarming rise in the need of rented houses, we often come across high rents in the priority locations. It simply leaves many of usno choice but to live far and compromise on the standards of living to fit under the budget. To solve the dilemma of bachelors, students and all the struggling migrants, paying guest accommodations are built. It offers most of the basic amenities altogether within a defined range of rent. These spaces also solve the problem of space crunch which can help you in living near your desired area. You can find an affordable accommodation in your priority location in these two metro cities with the below mentioned useful information –

  1. Paying guest in Bangalore–Bangalore popularly known as Electronic city has now emerged as India’s biggest IT hub. On the other hand, all of us are already aware of the best educational institutes in the town. Because of these two primary reasons, Bangalore is on the list of every second Indian today. You are offered with best wages, excellent education in the realms of favorable weather, multiple entertainment hubs and never-ending tourist spots. Since Bangalore is already on top of the overpopulated cities in the country, residential space crunch often leaves everybody worried. Paying guest in Bangalore is one the best options under the budget which will solve multiple problems altogether. Before searching for a PG in the city, you can consider these prime localities –

a. Marathahalli.
b. Indiranagar.
c. Koramangala.
d. White field.
e. Ulsoor.
f. Jayanagar.

You will find these locations surrounded by companies, malls, educational hubs, restaurants etc. The above- mentioned localities are well connected so transport would not be any issue. Although, you should consider living to the nearest possible paying guest in Bangalore, to your desired area as it will help you save your time in the traffic. Before renting one PG, make sure to check all the available options in the location. Paying guest in Bangalore would cost your pockets around 5,000 INR to 12,000 INR and it is variable in accordance to the facilities provided.

Why live in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a city situated in Karnataka state which is home to more than 10 million of people. You may come across people with various diversities and culture, speaking different language. If you have self-doubted your decision about shifting to Bangalore, you should probably consider it positively. These reasons may convert your doubt to confidence to shift to electronic city –

  • Bangalore is the largest IT hub in India, which implies you will have multiple options to try. From startups till renowned MNC, there are many organizations continuously looking out for bright candidates.
  • Not only IT companies, but also other industries are in growth as well. Large manufacturing units, telecommunication firms, media houses, there is an immense growth in each one of it.
  • For all the undergraduate and graduate students, for higher studies, Bangalore is one of the best options on the list in the entire country. Excellent Government and private institutes are operating from electronic city producing skilled degree holders.
  • Talking on the other aspect, weather of Bangalore will always be in your favor if you like moderate temperatures. To all the rain lovers, this is the place to settle down.
  • Entertainment Hubs in Bangalore are making lots of profits in the city. From excellent eating joints till night clubs, you are going to enjoy your weekends at its best.
  • You can always visit famous tourist spots such as – Ulsoor lake, Vidhan Sabha, Bangalore Palace, Lal Bagh botanical garden etc.
  • Bangalore is adjacent to many tourist spots such as – Ooty, Mangalore, Pondicherry, Goa, Mysore etc. You can make your weekend plans prior and then visit the places.
  1. Paying guest in Hyderabad–Hyderabad city is capital of Telangana state and lies in the southern hemisphere of India. After Bangalore, Hyderabad is known to have the second largest IT sector in the country. Since, many cities are getting overpopulated, people are preferring a peaceful and a big city like this one. The city has drastically been overwhelmed with many migrants from last 3 years. Many big MNC’s are also getting set up in Hyderabad because of the space availability. The space crunch in residential areas is on its way as slowly the city getting filled up. You will be astonished to acknowledge that rents in this city are touching skies. It stands beneficial in multiple ways to choose paying guest in Hyderabad than any other mode of living. Following are good localities and be considered worth living –

a. Indiranagar.
b. Kondapur.
c. Manikonda.
d. Jubilee Hills.
e. Madhapur.
f. Kothaguda.
g. Hitech City.

These locations are a true example of perfect neighborhood with immediate availability of transport, daily essentials such as – groceries, medicines etc. Along with such benefits, restaurants, malls, clubs are in reach. Since, Hyderabad is a big city, you may figure out the preferred location which is nearby to your office or institute. The average rent as a paying guest in Hyderabad costs nearby around – 7,000 INR to 12,000 INR monthly totally based on the facilities provided, location and infrastructure.

Why live in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad holds the historic essence and invites many foreign tourists from around the globe.With its excellent economy and unmatched infrastructure, it has been continuously driving people from everywhere. One of the best benefits living in the city is that it is less crowded in comparison to other metro cities. By living in Hyderabad, you open your gates to many career opportunities, an immense learning in your educational field, to start up on your own and much more. Now talking about the entertainment area, following things will surely lure you –

  • Tourist spots such as – Hussain Sagar lake, Char Minar, Birla temple, Falaknuma palace, Golkonda fort etc.
  • Captivating night life with a huge variety in clubs, fine dine and malls.
  • Hyderabad is surrounded by famous tourist locations such as –Mumbai, Chennai, Pondicherry, Goa, Bangalore etc.

This piece of information will help you shape your decision for a particular city and give you idea about the right places where you can search your accommodations.

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