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Foams and Fizzes: Best Bath Bombs for Older Adults

Bath bombs are balls of Epsom salt packed with essential oils and other botanicals. They’re very popular with the younger population, and they can be beneficial to older adults, too.

Aside from being relaxing and therapeutic, these palm-sized spheres are a great way to provide a new sensory experience to the elderly. They can hear them fizz and smell their fragrance while watching different colors appear as they effervesce. If you’re ready to let them try it, here’s a rundown of the best types of bath bombs for older adults.

Lavender Bath Bombs

When it comes to relieving anxiety and stress, plus promoting better sleep, people turn to the aroma-therapeutic wonders of lavender. But, for the elderly, the perennial herb does more than that. It also helps reduce anxiety, improve balance, and enhance spatial awareness. This significantly reduces the chances of slips and falls, which are the leading cause of injury for older adults.

Green Tea Bath Bombs

What better way to slow the aging process than to drink green tea? Or, in this case, take a dip in matcha-infused waters? This bath bomb contains antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin E, which is known to nourish and hydrate the skin. It’s not like most essential oils that are so relaxing they lull a person to sleep. Instead, its invigorating aroma revitalizes the body while calming the mind, sharpening mental focus.

Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Dry and itching skin is very common among older adults because, as people age, they lose sebaceous glands that keep the epidermis soft and moisturized. Oatmeal bombs are just the thing to solve the problem. Their oils, starches, and sugars have emollient properties that soothe and soften irritated skin. As a bonus, they smell good too – like an easy Sunday breakfast.

Rosemary Bath Bombs

Rosemary sounds like something that belongs in the kitchen rather than the bathroom. But, this herb’s scent might just be the key to managing dementia. When inhaled, certain compounds given off by this evergreen plant help establish brain connections and prevent further damage to the neurons. So, never mind the spice rubs for now and pack that rosemary in a bath bomb.

Ylang-Ylang Bath Bombs

The ylang-ylang flower comes from the native Indonesian Cananga odorata tree. It isn’t common in the US, but because of its powerful medicinal properties, many therapeutic products contain its essential oils. Having them in an Epsom bath enhances a person’s mood, reduces their stress levels, and lowers their blood pressure.

Don’t keep the seniors waiting and get some of these explosive balls of goodness. Throw them in their walk in tubs for a soothing, relaxing, and revitalizing experience.

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