GMAT Online Program by Experts’ Global – A well-structured way to attain well-paced but rigorous GMAT training 

Every GMAT aspirant needs a good, robust, comprehensive GMAT training program, one that will help the student achieve the much essential good GMAT score. While there are a number of training programs available, one must always choose the program that retains similarity to the test in terms of concept and difficulty level of questions and provides adequate study resources to ascertain the desired GMAT score. One option that you should definitely consider is Experts’ Global’s GMAT Online Program, an on-demand, online GMAT training program developed by the Indian EdTech firm, Experts’ Global. That 1000s of students have selected the Experts’ Global online GMAT training program is evidence of the success that the program has enabled for its students. Interestingly, a large number of students have testified to have achieved a marked improvement in their GMAT performance with this training program.

Let us take a look at some of the program’s most notable features:

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

The Experts’ Global online GMAT training program provides the student with 15 full-length GMAT mock tests and even a free GMAT practice test. Compared to the other GMAT preparation programs, this is a high number. Taking exams such frequently helps to build up endurance and naturally develop strategy, a premise that Experts’ Global has designed its strategy upon.  Besides, the fact that these tests resemble the actual GMAT in quality, scoring, and difficulty level, students can obtain an apt understanding of their performance on GMAT.

Similarity to the GMAT

For any GMAT training program to be considered a good training program, it should be identical to the actual GMAT test. Thus, the concepts tested, the difficulty level, the scoring pattern, the graphics and controls should be identical so as to provide the student with the test-taking experience, crucial to building endurance and helping students psychologically prepare for the exam. Hence, the Experts’ Global GMAT Online Program is a recommended program as it is significantly similar to the real GMAT. The 4000 training and mock test questions resemble GMAT in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. The Experts’ Global team has been even able to represent the scoring algorithm followed by GMAT; thus a large majority of students have reported similarity between their scores on the GMAT and their final mocks. This actually sets apart the Experts’ Global online GMAT learning program as not many of the tests have been able to achieve this level of accuracy.

Unique Features

While the Experts’ Global Online GMAT Training Module is rich in content in terms of the practice questions and mock tests included, it also provides the students with special features that facilitate the process of learning. Thus, if you come across a particular question that you may want to revise at a later time, you can simply the flag question. This enhances the ease of navigating the resourceful content. Further, while you are studying a concept or solving a question and wish to take down important pointers, you can simply launch sticky, a small, colored pop-up screen that you can affix to your front page to take notes. The development and inclusion of such features show the care and attention that the test developers at Experts’ Global have put in to ensure that their students are provided with the best learning services, one that not only teaches them the concepts but also makes the process of learning enjoyable and convenient.

Video Instruction

What makes Experts’ Global’s online GMAT learning program further rich in content is the addition of the instruction videos. Thus, you can refer to the videos to understand the solution to a particular question and even learn a more efficient approach of solving the question. The test series is complemented by such videos as well as text explanations and you can opt to refer to any as per your preference.

Weakness Diagnosis

An essential part of learning is the ability to recognize your weak points. Each student will have distinctive strong and weak points and understanding this difference to be able to follow a suitable study schedule is essential to improving performance. Experts’ Global’s online GMAT training, in recognition of the necessity of the same, has included an AI-enabled analytics software in their training programs. Thus, after every test, you will receive a thorough analysis of your performance, including the amount of time you spent on each question.  This software can even analyse your previous performances to provide a broad understanding of the specific areas you need to focus on.


Most of the GMAT aspirants are full-time professionals and having access to such an efficient, well-rounded, on-demand, online training program makes the entire learning process extremely hassle-free and easy. Students can approach the program at their comfortable and convenient time, thereby ensuring maximum focus and attention in the learning program, a benefit that live classroom structures cannot provide.

Thus, if you are looking to attain well-rounded, thorough training in GMAT, you should consider the Experts’ Global online GMAT training program.

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