How a Music Video Production Company Creates an Awesome Music Video: Basic Tips

Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito and Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, PSY’s Gangnam Style. There’s no doubt that billions of YouTube views propelled their musical success.

Okay, so it’s a mite unfair to use Michael Jackson and Nirvana to illustrate our point, after all, their legacies were cemented long before YouTube became a mainstay in our lives, but Despacito, Shape of You and Gangnam Style…their success was, undoubtedly, propagated at least in part by the sheer number of people who have watched their YouTube videos.

Music videos are a rallying cry for an artist’s audience. They allow artists to connect with their audience visually, bolster an artist’s brand whilst further showcasing an artist’s creativity – providing that artist’s choose an experienced and creatively-inspiring music video production company.

So, interested in learning how a music production company creates awesome music videos? Below are a few basic tips when discussing music video production with a music production company.

What Video Style Do You Want?

Do you want to tell a visual story? One that perfectly encapsulates what the song is about. What about the music video’s aesthetic? Do you fancy a bold, abstract style or have you designs on a representational feel, one rooted in reality?

Then there’s music video narrative and actors, maybe animation or even a pre-recorded performance. If you’ve got a gig coming why not showcase the energy of the occasion and your artistic expression. A music video production agency in Dubai can help you decide what style of music video suits the song and your philosophy as an artist.

Make Sure You Know Your Audience

To help you to fully visualise your idea, you’ll need to know who you’re creating the video for. Put it this way, you wouldn’t choose to shoot a hip-hop or urban video in a meadow of wildflowers, right?

Understanding who your audience are, what they value and the kind of aesthetic they relate to is paramount. You want to engage them, entertain them, create the feeling that the music being shared reflects who your audience is. Their experiences. Their goals and dreams. To do this, you need a music production firm who knows how to do this.

Leverage Exclusive Content

The last thing that your music video should be is something that your audience has seen from an artist a million times before. It needs to be unique, something they’ve never seen before. It can be footage of a concert, or a story narrative told in the length of the song, but regardless of the nature of your music video content, it absolutely has to be something an audience hasn’t seen before.

There’s something exciting about witnessing something new for their very first time. It can feel like history in the making, like an evolution, something fresh. Bold. Inspiring. It’s that simple.

The Right Music Video Production Elevates the Music

From the very first music video ever broadcast on MTV – the Buggles seminal generational classic, ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’, music entered a whole new medium and here we are more than thirty years later, and music videos are as important as they’ve ever been.

However, remember music videos are only as effective as the quality of the production. Look for a firm that has a wealth of experience as a premier music video production company and can conceptualise and executive music videos that promote acts across a range of genres.

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