How Knowledge Retention can be Enhanced through Custom eLearning Development Services?

Most of the time, it is found out that though the learners put their maximum efforts, they are not able to remember and recollect many concepts they had learnt. One of the major reasons for the same being, probably, they must have not understood the concepts to the core. This implies there must be much intricate information nested within the content which will be difficult to visualise and understand. Many research works show that unless the learner puts an effort to absorb the concepts to its roots and revises the concepts, there is a high probability he may forget it within a few weeks. In fact, there is a high possibility that the learner must’ve forgotten 60 to 70% of what he had learnt if he fails to revise regularly. This is where the eLearning companies in India conceived the strategy of developing a unique and innovative e-learning solution to circumvent this situation.

How eLearning companies in India devised a creative e-learning solution to help the school children and working professionals to retain the majority of the information?

The foremost factor that the eLearning companies in India introduced in the e-learning solution was the use of visual content. To elaborate, the visual content in the form of 2-D and 3-D animation, simulations, multiple images, and infographics are used to explain a concept. The 2-D and 3-D animations helped the learners to effortlessly understand the content, as it became easy for the learners to visualise any high-level information. Moreover along with animations, when simulations were used, the content was further simplified.

E-learning solutions for school children

For instance, the child may feel geometry is a difficult subject as it has many theories and axioms. Thus eventually the child may fear to touch the subject. However when custom eLearning development services are utilised, the e-learning solution presents the geometry content in such a way that it becomes easy for the children to visualise and understand. Let us consider a circle whose sum of all angles is 360° and half the circle is equal to 180°. To explain this concept, the child first has to understand the meaning of angles and their addition. In the textbook, it’s simply mentioned that a B, C, D, E and F are angles, and the sum of the angles will fetch 360° in a circle. Unfortunately in reality, not all children are bright enough to understand the concept of angles and heavily worded theories without proper visual representation. The three-dimensional animation displays each angle by showing them proper outlines and different colours. The voice-over further helps to understand each angle and their role in making the sum of all angles 360°. The simulation is so innovatively built that the children can themselves create different angles of their choice and explore them to understand the geometry concepts and theories comprehensively.

E-learning solutions for corporate organisations and various industries

eLearning companies in India develop corporate or technical e-learning solutions for various organisations and industries based on their specific requirements. Custom eLearning development services are included in the e-learning solutions, such as introducing a new inductee to working of different departments and various processes associated with them, or for explaining the working of different engines or manufacturing processes.

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