How Patrick Lucchese Helps the Community 

For Brazilian businessman Patrick Lucchese, life is about more than just success. It’s also about making a big difference in the lives of others. He believes in being responsible for others and in lifting people up. He grew up with a father who was a philanthropic surgeon. He gave many patients free surgeries so that they could get the care they needed. Patrick saw his role model taking care of people and wanted to do that himself in some other way. As a successful businessman, he has used some of his success to make that dream a reality and to give significantly to others to improve lives.

Business Venture

With his Brazilian business, Patrick Lucchese has found a lot of success. He is the founder of a consulting firm called Urban Advisors which works with businesses to help them make their business into something more effective and successful. He helps them at every stage of making an initial public offering so that those businesses can get more capital and grow. This in turn creates more jobs and helps with everyone’s success. Doing this in the business world has taught him that many people have escaped poverty and gone on to great success by starting their own businesses. He wants more people to be able to do that. However, that often means lending a helping hand to those who are struggling so that they can make it out of poverty.

Help Through Philanthropy

When Patrick Lucchese is engaged with his work, he helps people in one way. When he’s not working, he helps them in other ways. In Brazil, the favelas are communities where many impoverished people live. Life can be rough in the favelas, and Lucchese knows just how difficult it can be. Where he once engaged in a wide range of philanthropic efforts, he wanted to make a more direct difference in people’s lives. He did this by consolidating his philanthropy into one area so that many people could get help from him that would greatly influence their lives.

Patrick Lucchese focused on one specific favela called Porto Alegre. This favela was a place where food was scarce and people had few options available to them. Jobs were also scarce, and this led to a largely impoverished population. Lucchese came in and sponsored a wide variety of people who live there so that they can live better lives with more options available to them. When people are struggling with getting food, they aren’t in a good mindset and aren’t focused on becoming successful. That’s why Patrick Lucchese regularly makes food deliveries to the favela so that the people he sponsors have what they need. He also pays for other things such as the occasional medical procedure.

When he helps people financially, he is also helping them to be more positive and to look ahead to what they might accomplish. They can start to see how they can improve their lives and may just start some businesses of their own.

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