How to Afford Living in the Arkansas Capital

With all there is to do in Little Rock, it’s no surprise you are considering a move here. From its amazing and friendly culture to all the professional opportunities in the capital and the surrounding areas, no wonder it’s become such a popular area. With a place as booming as it is here, there’s so much to offer locals that does come with a downside though.

When it’s somewhere everyone wants to be, price will quickly become an issue for both those looking to move to the area as well as those hoping to keep living in the place they’ve always called home. If you are thinking you might be priced out of Little Rock, don’t give up yet as here’s a few ways the city might be closer than you’d expect.


No matter where you are looking to move to throughout the country, housing is the thing you need to figure out first. It’ll never be easy as there’s so much to balance when it comes to finding somewhere that’s affordable, safe and conveniently located. Unfortunately, things can feel a little on the pricier side especially when compared to the more rural parts of the state. Just because there’s a hefty price tag, that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of options.

If you are looking at Little Rock Houses for Sale and the perfect one isn’t the perfect price, consider bringing in a roommate to help cover expenses. The ease of that will depend on the other circumstances in your life so if that doesn’t seem feasible, looking more towards the outskirts and into the suburbs might be your ticket.


If you’ve always owned a vehicle, you might not realize the massive expense it can truly be. Those of us who aren’t paying too close attention to what bills are coming out of our bank account might not think about how much owning a car actually costs. Without even considering the cost of filling up the tank, paying for maintenance alone can really cut into one’s savings.

Depending on your line of work will determine how possible it is to live without a vehicle but knowing the Rock Region METRO is an option might make the decision easier. Also, simply by living in a city there’s going to be plenty of options for food and entertainment that’s right within walking distance of your new neighborhood.


Learning how to be more frugal is about bringing a better balance to your spending, not removing all the joy and fun from your life. Being in Little Rock, there’s going to be plenty to do that’ll cost you next to nothing or be completely free of charge. Places like the Big Dam Bridge are perfect for stretching your legs and enjoying the outdoors without having to worry about a price attached to it.

Many of the city’s cultural offerings, such as the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, are also completely free and there’s plenty of more options as long as you feel comfortable with spending even a few dollars on entertainment.

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