How to become an effective learner?

We all face difficulties in learning and understanding the concepts in academics. Students try to understand and memorise the concept but at the last minute they end up forgetting the core concepts or they may not present well in the examination. One might not be able to recollect the things he has studied. An effective and efficient learner will not happen within a single day, it takes some time for the learner to be effective. In this article, we will focus on the ways to be an effective learner.

Know the way you learn

Every student has a different way of learning and memorising the concepts. Few students will get a grip of the things by reading once and few need more methods and practice to learn. One must identify his own learning technique and adapt it for studying.  Few students are visual learners, they learn the concepts with the help of diagrams, flow charts and pictures. For instance, for subjects such as biology and physics with the help of diagrams, formula charts, equations the subject becomes easier.  Some are auditory learners and they can understand by listening to lectures, or listening to a class. Hence it is necessary to know one’s learning style and adapt those techniques to excel in academics.

Learn from various resources

Learning is a stepwise and lengthier process. To start with the learning process the prescribed textbook is the initial step. A textbook is the best resource to study as it comprises all the required information. When one is thorough with the textbook then definitely the student will be able to answer the questions of any kind. When the textbook is done then one can move to other books such as Lakhmir Singh solutions, exam ideas and other various reference books if necessary. One can make his own notes and practice various sorts of questions, or practice the answers verbally, connect the concepts with real-life applications. Studying thoroughly with various resources is the best way to prepare for the examination.

Teach what you learn

Teaching is the best way of learning. As in the teaching process, one will transfer the information to other people by giving more examples and will try to dive deeper into the concepts. This aids in a better understanding of the concepts. In this way, one will start reading more books and collect information. For instance, when one student is reading physics he wants to teach his friend then he will read from more books other than textbooks to make the concepts crystal clear. Explaining a concept to someone helps one to understand the sense of the available information and gathers ways to convey the information.

Practising aids learning

Students must engage themselves in practising and testing their knowledge on what theory they have studied.  One can solve various practice papers, previous year question papers to know where they stand and evaluate their performance. This helps the students to know how much more effort is required and in which particular area more attention must be given. Practising papers help to gain confidence and incorporate time management during the examination. For instance, while practising physics questions of class 10 one can use lakhmir Singh physics class 10 as it comprises a wide variety of questions.

Connecting with the concept

The student must feel enthusiastic while learning. The concepts must be connected with the illustrations, ideas with today’s ongoing trend. A chemical reaction can be connected with day to day activities, a physics electronic circuit can be connected to an appliance that one uses daily.  Students can easily understand the concept and build their ideas and form innovations. The concept may be tough but the information given to students must be simplistic so that the basic concepts can be implanted in the minds of the students forever.

A student can have an enormous number of questions in his mind before learning. The process of learning must be in such a way that he ends up answering all the questions himself and raises new questions for his inventions and discoveries. The learning process of the student must be effective and efficient rather than reading and revising the same concepts over and over again. Adapting the above ideas will make the student an effective learner.

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