How to Lengthen the Service Life of a CNC Machine

The work of a CNC machine is tough and exposes the machine to a lot of wear. It is crucial to ensure updated care of the equipment to keep it running at its best. Ensuring preventive maintenance is crucial since it saves from unexpected costs. CNC machines are expensive. So, ensuring timely repairs and keeping replacements and shutdowns under control is vital. The spindle in the CNC machine does most of the work and is subjected to a lot of friction. If it stops working, the machine is no longer useful and the spindle must be replaced. There are several ways you can lengthen the life of your CNC machine, and this article will discuss four of them.

  • Train Your Staff

It is crucial to train your workers on how to use and maintain the machine. Get an experienced supplier to train your staff on how to use the machine and apply various elements like lubrication, maintenances, and operations. Training your staff is like an investment that helps ensure your machine is in top condition. Upgrade to Easel software and teach your employees how to use it with the machine. The workers can follow operation protocols and perform maintenances. They can also notice when there is a problem and report it immediately. Reporting problems early before breakdown saves you more than five times the cost you incur when the machine breaks down. Your workers can also keep maintenance records that allow them to know when maintenance should be done.

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance

Talking of maintenance, it is vital to understand the maintenance needs of your machine. You will need to create a plan based on the machine’s requirements. Make sure your equipment is checked daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to confirm its condition. Daily checks can include monitoring the hydraulic pressure and the level of fluids, lubricating parts, and checking the alignment of the spindle. For weekly maintenance, ensure the control cabinet and the buttons are cleaned. Check the hoses and pipes too. You should also schedule for longer maintenances that include replacing worn-out parts, replacing the oil, refilling the coolant system, and others.

  • Know When to Repair

If you notice a weird or abnormal sound from the machine, it is a sign of damage. If you notice your machine has an unusual sound, find the problem immediately. You could be dealing with damaged plates or chips. Knowing when your machine is not operating the normal way will also tell you when it needs repair. Mostly, the problem comes from the spindle, but it can be easily fixed. Be predictive and attuned to your machine to know when repairs or replacements are needed.

  • Monitor Temperature Readings

If you notice that the temperature is above normal readings, that is a red flag and indicates something is wrong. Therefore, stop the machine and have the issue looked at. The spindle could be overheating due to a lack of lubrication or cooling.


CNC machines play an integral role in many industries. They are costly and that means proper care is required to keep them in good working condition. These are four main ways of prolonging your machine service.

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