How To Repair A Residential Garage Door

The door alone and the opener are two main parts of a door. Repairing a door may seem simple, and it can very well be for those that have some knowledge of repairing things. Overhead garage doors are the doors that roll up in either one full piece or swing upwards. Either way, they both work using a spring tension. Metal tracks are how garage doors move up and down. There are some tips that individuals can use to repair them. A residential garage door repair Mckinney Texas can also help.

First, the metal tracks that are within the garage should be checked out. The tracks are held together by mounting brackets. One can tighten up the screws or bolts if they seem to be a bit loose. Once the garage door is closed, one can look at the tracks from the inside for any flat spots or dents that are current. A rubber mallet or even a hammer can be used to help smooth them out if there are any spots noticeable. However, if any tracks look as if they are damaged, replacing them will be the only solution.

Next, one should check from proper alignment of the tracks. Either way, they should be at the same height as the walls in the garage. Individuals may try to loosen them but not actually remove any of the bolts or screws that are keeping the mounting brackets held tightly together. Once they are loose, one can carefully put them back into the correct position. After completion, the tracks should be at the right level and position, and one can proceed by tightening the bolts and screws.

Third, the tracks should be cleaned. Household cleaner tends to work just fine to remove any grease or dirt that has been sitting there for some time. The rollers on the garage door should also be cleaned well. Dry both rollers and tracks once they have been wiped down. The household cleaner that is used should be concentrated.

One should make sure that if there is any hardware that is loose that it is tightened right away. If one notices any hardware that is sagging, it can be fixed by correcting the hinges on the door. However, one may see that there are a few screw holes that are enlarged. If this is the case, the screw should be replaced with one that is the same exact size. Cracked hinges must be removed and those cracks filled in. Before the hinges are replaced, the filler needs to be dried completely.

When attempting to fix the garage door, there are some things to watch out for. Do not try and repair the door if there is only one torsion spring. This goes for roll-up doors only. Individuals may get injured by the spring since there is much force within them. A professional repair service should be called in to assist with this type of repair. The garage door opener can also be the issue causing a garage door to not work properly. If so, the opener’s batteries should be checked to make sure that’s what it is and not the door itself.

Without the proper knowledge, it will not be possible to fix a garage door. A professional service can also be called in when in doubt. Never try to fix anything that one is unsure of. This may cause or make issues that are currently more complicated. Depending on the exact problem, the solution won’t take long to correct. One can look for a residential garage door repair Mckinney Texas if near that area.

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