Hypnosis: Common Myths and Misconceptions

Hypnosis is one of the most effective pain relief techniques for childbirth. Expectant mothers who want to achieve pain free birth are increasingly embracing this birthing method thanks to its immense success from those who have already tried it.

However, there are still many misconceptions and myths surrounding hypnosis, and some people believe them. This article tackles some of the most common myths about hypnosis and what you need to know about this birthing method.

Myth #1: The hypnotist controls your mind

Many people believe that you are no longer in control of what is happening around you when you go into hypnosis. But that is not the case at all.

The truth is that no one can control your mind unless you want them to do so. Your hypnotist will only offer you suggestions that you can choose to follow or ignore. At no point during hypnosis will you lose control of your mind.

If you hear something that you don’t agree with or understand, your subconscious mind won’t accept it.

Myth #2:  Some people can’t be hypnotized

Although a small group of researchers and clinicians claim that some people cannot be hypnotized, there is no scientific evidence to back up such claims. The truth is that everyone can be hypnotized because it is a natural process.

In fact, hypnosis is a normal state that every individual experiences twice a day- when falling asleep and upon awakening. We also go into hypnosis when we are engrossed in a TV show or movie.

A few people may have this misconception due to an unsuccessful experience they might have had with a hypnotist in the past. Just keep in mind that people respond differently to different approaches, and sometimes, one approach may not be successful with some people.

Myth #3:  Hypnosis is sleep

Another common misconception is that hypnosis is “controlled” sleep. While a hypnotized person may have his/her eyes closed for a relatively long period,  the truth is that he/she is not sleeping.

Hypnotized people are fully aware of their surroundings. They feel and hear everything that happens around them, and their actions are informed. In fact, hypnotized people tend to have a heightened sense of focus and attention.

Myth #4: Hypnotized people can easily reveal their secrets

There is a common misconception that hypnotized individuals can reveal extraordinary facts about themselves, including their deepest secrets. But that is not true. While it is true that people may learn new things that they had forgotten during hypnosis, nothing can go past that.

The mind is extremely conscious during the process, and no one will force you to share anything against your will. In fact, the subconscious mind has an incredible ability to censor whatever you are not ready to know when you are hypnotized.

Myth #5: You won’t remember anything the hypnotist says

Lastly, we must mention the fact that everyone experiences hypnosis differently. For some people, it is a state in which they are more focused on the hypnotists and what he/she says while it is much more like daydreaming for others. Those who focus more tend to listen carefully and will most likely remember everything the hypnotist says.

However, those who experience it like a daydream will drift away and wander from one thought to another. Sometimes, they may fail to pay any attention to what the hypnotist says.

Both way, it is okay, and neither method will be more or less effective than the other. It is only a matter of your personal style.

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