Laser vs. Traditional Cosmetic Surgery

We all want to look presentable. So, whether it’s a neck-lift, eyelid shaping, or cataract surgery, you can always walk that extra mile, just for beauty. Today there are different types of cosmetic surgery that are more effective than traditional knife surgery. You can opt for a non-surgical laser for a better result with eye restoration.

Cosmetic surgeons in top medical facilities use Sentient Lasers to help patients get quality cosmetic surgery. In this article, we look at the benefits of laser surgery – why it’s more preferred to traditional surgery.

A painless process 

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, most people freak away because of the pain they are likely to go through. Before undergoing laser surgery or treatment for the eye, patients are treated with anesthesia, which helps relieve pain during the surgery. Patients can experience some pressure while using a laser to create a flap on the cornea.

A fast solution for cataract surgery 

Laser offers the fastest solution to cataract surgery compared to traditional surgery. The actual laser surgery takes between 9 and 10 minutes in most cases. Additionally, after the surgery, most patients are not required to remain at the hospital.

When you go for LASIK eye surgery from a qualified medical facility, you should expect to recover faster. For vision restoration, the operation may take up to 4 hours. Instead, most people would opt for laser surgery because it takes little time, and the recovery process is quick compared to conventional surgery.

Laser treatment is safe

Laser surgery is one of the safest and fastest technologies for treating eye disorders and offering cosmetic surgery. When administered by expert surgeons, the surgery results can last a lifetime.

By adopting laser surgery, patients can minimize the complications that result from traditional surgery. It is possible to achieve 100% positive results on vision restoration. This makes laser treatment the most preferred solution to the eye and cosmetic surgery.

Laser surgery is much précised, and you can expect little post-surgical swelling and bruising. It means you will not feel much discomfort compared to when you opt for traditional eye surgery.

Fast restoration of eyesight 

Patients’ eyesight is restored after laser cosmetic surgery in less than four hours. The vision restoration is 20/20 in most cases, much better than traditional surgery. However, in some cases, the vision restoration rate is 20/40 if the operation is a bit complicated.

When you look forward to undergoing any eye surgery type, it is essential to look for a board-certified surgeon to perform the surgery. Both traditional and modern laser surgery has the potential to deliver the best results.

The only difference between traditional and laser surgery is the use of CO2. A laser is designed specifically for soft tissues allowing for sharp precisions. There is less bleeding when surgeons use laser because it seals the blood vessels.

Always book an appointment with a qualified surgeon when you want the best of laser surgery. You only get the best results when the surgery is conducted at a medical facility with modern laser surgery machines.

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