Mac Utility tool – examples of what to find and information

Here we are speaking about Apple’s professional way of updating the system in MacOS and satisfying its customers all at one go.  From networking apps to clean-up apps Apple armed our Mac with the best possible tools on the market.  And what’s more … isn’t that so cool for our attractive and stylish devices?

Well as we know it’s not all about the looks so let us highlight only a minimal number of all that is awesome in the novelty pack that we find in Mac Utility tool.

Here we go:

Clean up

  • Apple takes great care of its users and their computers. In your Mac you will find a number of performance apps that will enhance the performance of your MacOS. Mac is well geared to be defended against all the debris and digital jambalaya that accumulates over time.
  • All Apps in the Mac Utility tool have been closely vetted and checked by Apple and are safe to use.  
  • Examples of cleaning apps to enhance your performance are CleanMyMac X and Mac Booster 7, a super powerful app, one that really enhances performance.
  • There are various websites that offer these, and other cleaning apps for free. However one must be cautious, free is not always good. It is probably best to access a trusted supplier or Apple app store to purchase apps that have been strongly vetted.

Network Utility

  • This tool allows you to view information about network connections.
  • There is an official path from where it can be downloaded; by going through System, Library then Core Services.
  • There are a number of tools included in Network Utility. Examples of these are routing table information, comprehensive network statistics for each protocol and multicast information.
  • You can also find Traceroute in this app. Traceroute traces all network traffic paths.  Just insert a domain name.


  • This app tells you where all your space has been allocated. It truly looks like a daisy once it it finishes processing!  Way to go Apple … excellent name!
  • You can select files and see what is in them, whether you want to keep them or not. At the bottom of the screen, you will find an icon where junk files are stored.  If there are any files you do not wish to keep just drag them to your junk files folder.
  • Trial versions are available however these have missing features so at the end of the day purchasing this app will be the only way out.

These apps and a whole load of others are readily available for download.  Nonetheless one must be careful.  Free apps usually miss out on certain features.  This is good for a trial period however you cannot work with an app that is not fully functional.  Complete apps must be purchased.  Prices vary from site to site.  Personally I trust the official App store which is complete with safe Apps that could boost the performance of your device.

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