Online Slot Variations Explained

Whether it is their simple mechanics or ease and accessibility of gameplay, online slots are a favorite amongst casual players and enthusiasts alike. However, much like any other games that online casinos like the NetBet platform offer, there are a few things you need to know about slots to make the most out of your experience—specifically, their different variations. By familiarizing yourself with the differences, you can identify the one you will most enjoy. Here are some of the most common slot games you are most likely to encounter online.

Classic slots

Online classic slots are essentially single-slot games. They’re considered the simplest and are commonly referred to as one-armed bandits. The name is from the more traditional, mechanical machines with levers, which players need to pull to execute the desired spins. They were the key to the popularity of Vegas today as a haven for casinos because their quick, easy-to-learn gameplay attracts both experienced players and first-timers. And to win, all that is needed is to land three of the same symbols.

One drawback of the game is the lower reel number, which significantly reduces the combination numbers. Also, the relatively high variance means that players can either win big or lose everything quickly.


Video slots

Arguably the most popular of all the variations of online slots are the five-reel type. Also referred to as video slots, many online gaming sites offer this type of game. Unlike the classic variant, they are entirely digital and do not require the use of levers or mechanical reels. All it needs is a button push. With their attractive visuals and audio, it isn’t surprising that many prefer video slots over other variants. They were also considered as the forerunners of modern-day internet slot games.

Six or seven-reel slots

Following a similar structure to its predecessor, six or seven-reel slots offer more reels to the player. As a result, it provides much longer matches than the classic and video slots and makes it a much more exciting experience for everyone involved in the game.

Progressive slots

In this online slot game variation, a part of the players’ wages is automatically added on top of the jackpot. This implies that the entire jackpot is essentially made up of all the people who have played the game. And this is where the game gets its name; the accumulated prize with the progressive slots. With online casinos, the games remain interconnected so that all can contribute to the jackpot.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has changed how many play their favorite games online. With the use of technology, players are more immersed in their games than ever before and have a more realistic experience in the process. While the slot games themselves don’t really change, their immersive nature makes it an incredibly rewarding experience.


It’s easy to see the appeal of online slots games. Apart from the convenience of gaming over the World Wide Web, these titles are relatively easy to get into, making it obvious why online gaming has become such a popular pastime. So experiment with the variations of online slots so you can make an informed decision on which one will fit your gaming style.

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