Real-Time Audio Moderation Made Possible With Yubo

Yubo, the social discovery platform for Generation Z, is now offering audio moderation for livestreams in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. This is unprecedented in the industry.

While real-time photo and video moderation technologies have evolved tremendously, audio moderation remains a challenging issue. Anti-Defamation League data indicates that almost half of individuals who reported experiencing harassment in online gaming, where livestreaming has historically been most prevalent, were voice-targeted.

Yubo Helps to Expand Social Network

Generation Z users may expand their social networks and find new online friends worldwide using the live social discovery application Yubo. By eliminating likes and following, young people can exhibit themselves authentically and interact with others online as they would in real life. Our platform puts a high value on safety. We are proud to be the first social app to offer comprehensive user-age verification and real-time video and audio moderation for livestreams. Yubo was launched in France in 2015 and is now utilized by over 60 million users in over 140 countries.

Since then, Yubo has expanded the trial phase to include all regions with a majority of English speakers and substantial user populations, reaching a pivotal juncture for gathering insightful data regarding this innovative safety technology. Even though the technology is in its infancy, it has shown to be particularly adept at identifying potential real-world hazards, such as aggressiveness or self-harm.

Yubo Moderation Technology Expansion

The United States, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada are among the four primary regions where Yubo‘s audio moderation technology for livestreams has expanded the most. Together with Hive, Yubo introduced this technology in the United States at the end of May, becoming the first major social media platform to do so internationally.

now, Yubo’s Hive audio moderation technology captures and automatically transcribes 10-second audio snippets from livestreams with ten or more viewers. Following this, artificial intelligence reads the text quickly. Only transcripts that include words or phrases that violate the app’s Community Guidelines are highlighted for evaluation by Yubo’s Safety Specialists. These professionals investigate situations in real-time to determine the appropriate response, including if law enforcement involvement is required. Without possible violations, transcripts are not examined nor stored.

Safety Is Key

“Content control is a responsibility Yubo takes extremely seriously, as we can personally witness. Kevin Guo, the chief executive officer of Hive, said that the company is happy to provide its ecosystem with its technology and to collaborate with it to continually develop and learn how to make online communities more secure.

Learning algorithms drive the algorithms of this auditory moderation technology, so they will evolve and grow more precise over time. To protect user privacy, Livestream transcripts that haven’t been marked for inquiry are deleted after 24 hours. Marked transcripts that need internal or external review are maintained for up to one year.

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