Reviews and research on the latest hearing aids: Read this before buying

–          Reviews on some of the latest hearing aids on the market.

–          Nano Hearing Aids is now leading the industry, offering more affordable hearing aids than ever before.

–          Consumer reviews show that companies such as Nano Hearing Aids are more popular, offering both great customer service and a reliable product.

American consumers are always looking to purchase the best product at an affordable price. In the market of hearing aids, these two factors go hand-in-hand, additionally technology, and the advancement of hearing aids are also some of the key selling points to hearing aids. The success hearing aids companies carry in the U.S. market is predominantly driven by consumer affairs forums, such as or the Better Business Bureau, as these platforms create an unbiased space whereby customers can share both experiences of the product and with the company.

Being up to date with the latest reviews on a certain company or pair of hearing aids you’re looking to purchase is a factor one should consider beforehand, as this can be used as a sort of guideline to making the final decision. Consumers are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on various hearing aids and accessories each year, thus it’s understandable that the latest reviews and research should be available to any new coming client.

What’s the latest research on hearing aids?

The field of audiology and hearing aids is an immense industry that caters to nearly 40 million Americans. The need for better and reliable hearing aids have seen new research coming to light over the last few years. The latest research suggests that consumers should have attainable expectations when purchasing their first pair of hearing aids, or perhaps upgrading to a new pair. This will help consumers be prepared for the type of product they will receive, whether it be Nano, ReSound, Phonak, or any other sort of hearing aids brand.

Hearing aids companies have recently flooded the market with apps and smartphone compatible hearing aids. The latest in this field of interest is the launching of an app specifically designed for people with tinnitus. These apps are looking to relieve ringing sounds caused in the ears when in different environments or when wearing a different set of hearing aids.

Some institutions have recently revealed why it is so important for those with hearing aids to wear it every day. Medical research shows that wearers of hearing aids can subject your brain to ‘auditory deprivation’, this means that your brain over time forgets how to hear certain sounds or words. Hearing aids are an important aspect of any person’s life who lives with hearing impairment issues and being concerned with the latest news and reviews on hearing aids can make it easier to purchase a new product or perhaps suggest it to a friend or family member.

Consumers become accustomed to a certain brand that fits in with their lifestyle, thus hearing aids are looking to become even smaller over the coming years as researched and developers in the field are looking for improved ways wearers can use small and trustworthy hearing aids. This means, that although certain hearing aids may be in the ear, or in the canal, the smaller bits and pieces of the hearing aid may still leave consumers feeling embarrassed. Smaller technology in these hearing aids will offer a new set of tinier hearing aids  – but this might make recharging or changing of batteries a bit more difficult.

Reviews on the most popular hearing aids

We took the liberty to look at some of the most popular hearing aids on the market. Consumer affairs platforms showed that some companies are taking the lead in the industry, offering more affordable aids, better customer service, and a wider product offering.

Nano Hearing Aids

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about Nano Hearing Aids. The company that was founded in 2017 has made waves earlier this year, giving away 24 pairs of hearing aids to retired veterans. Customers review Nano’s aids among the highest, claiming that it’s the most affordable option on the market and that the quality of its aids is on a higher caliber. Additionally, Nano has also built a strong track record for having outstanding customer service, fast response from their support team, and also ensuring that each customers’ query is dealt with in a fast and professional manner.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak customers all share the same view of the company, that they offer a very convenient service, while also hosting some very interesting hearing aids. Phonak has been in business for over 30 years, making them one of the most trusted hearing aids retailers on the market. A limited amount of customer reviews have revealed any negative aspects of the company, but some have included a delayed response from customer service teams and that cheaper hearing aids easily break. Additionally, customers do enjoy the Phonak limited international warranty on their hearing aids.

ReSound Hearing Aids

Being part of the GN Group, a leader in the development of audiology tech and software, there has been a strong focus on the company battling with high costing hearing aids. Although it’s good to know that ReSound hearing aids will host some of the very best technology, and made from high-quality materials, a lot of customers share a negative view of the high prices. Additionally, we noticed that ReSound has a very interactive and user-friendly website and also an app that you can link with your aids.

Final thoughts

Although there are still many other companies that one can review and visit online before making a final decision or purchase, Nano Hearing Aids has quickly become one of the leading companies to give customers both an extremely affordable product, paired with high-quality hearing aid technology. It’s good to consider some factors that will influence your purchase, but reading reviews and keeping track of what the latest trends and research in the field of hearing aids are can offer better insight which will ultimately save you money and provide you with the best solution to your hearing problems.

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