Ryan Kavanaugh Files Individual Lawsuit Against H3 Production’s Ethan Klien for Defamation

As an entrepreneur, owner of two media companies, and early investor in the wildly popular social media app Triller, Ryan Kavanaugh never expected his success to come easy. Online entertainment is unique in that businesses must deal with anonymous enemies willing to go to any length to destroy them. Kavanaugh found that out the hard way when he tried to hold Ethan Klein, owner of H3 Productions, responsible for the piracy he committed against Triller Fight Group.

Ethan Klein Makes Ryan Kavanaugh the Bad Guy After Stealing Millions of Paid Views

The ordeal started for Kavanaugh in April 2021 when he worked with Triller Fight Group to broadcast a live boxing match between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. After racking up millions of views hosting a live broadcast of the match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. in November 2020, Triller was ready for another successful pay per view experience with the Paul and Askren fight. The company, which spent tens of millions on advertising and obtaining rights to broadcast the fight, charged viewers $49.99 to watch it.

Ethan Klein decided that he should profit from the fight even though it was Kavanaugh and Triller that had done all the hard work. He personally pirated millions of paid views away from Triller and then rebroadcast the fight a short time later. Klein, his wife, Hila, and other principals associated with H3 Productions brought in millions of dollars for themselves. The money came from advertisers who paid to promote their products during the fight without knowing that Klein had pirated the broadcast from Triller Fight Group.

Ryan Kavanaugh immediately confronted Klein about the piracy, and Triller filed a lawsuit in California district court. While originally cooperative, Klein quickly became adversarial towards Triller as a company and Kavanaugh as an individual. Here are just some of the actions Klein took in an attempt to ruin the reputation of both:

  • Posted multiple videos attacking Triller and personally slandering Kavanaugh.
  • Manipulated search engines to redirect to his podcast site when people searched for Ryan Kavanaugh’s name.
  • Created a website comparing Kavanaugh to Harvey Weinstein and once again manipulated SEO to direct online searchers to that website.
  • Paid Google to bring disparaging information about Kavanaugh into the top position on search engine results pages.
  • Told his followers on YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter to upvote the articles full of false information about Kavanaugh.
  • Instructed his followers to attack Kavanaugh on his own social media sites to the point that he had to stop allowing people to comment.
  • Posted an article that inaccurately states Kavanaugh orchestrated a Ponzi scheme more than 30 times.
  • Paid Wikipedia editors to destroy Kavanaugh’s page that had sat dormant since 2018.

After attempts to get Ethan Klein to cease these actions failed, Ryan Kavanaugh filed a personal lawsuit against him on November 30, 2021. He hopes the outcome will set a precedent that no one should have to tolerate this slanderous behavior.

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