Slip and Fall Cases: Common Causes and Prevention in Bellevue 

Slip and fall cases can take place anywhere and at any time. On average, almost 1 million people experience slip and fall cases. The consequences of these accidents range from normal bruises to complicated, broken bones, but most of these accidents are preventable. 

An expert Bellevue slip and fall accident lawyer will help you know your rights in such accidental cases. However, below are various common causes of slip and fall cases. 

Surface Factors

  • Uneven grounds
  • Wet Surfaces
  • Potholes on streets 
  • Weak staircases
  • Oil spills on the floor
  • Recently waxed floors
  • Damaged carpets
  • Unsalted ice on floors
  • Weak floorboards
  • Damaged floor mats
  • Floors with clutter scattered around

These cases are common in commercial, industrial, and public spaces. To prevent such slip and fall cases, you can be careful and ‘watch your step,’ clear clutter from floors, and secure any flooring add-ons like carpets, floor mats, floorboards. Put up warning signs on wet floors.

Weather Factors

  • Bad lighting conditions
  • Scattered trash of debris 
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Open cabinets that are not secured
  • Cords or any wire extensions that were in the middle of your path
  • Switching from one type of surface to another. 

As we all know, we cannot control the weather. But what we can do includes holding property owners and municipalities legally responsible for failing to take preventative measures in publicly accessed spaces. 

Occupational Hazards 

Many of the slip and fall cases often take place at the place of the occupation. Factory laborers, construction workers, manual laborers pose the most risk of experiencing such cases. To prevent such hazards, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the CDC -Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have offered a fact sheet that includes giving required training to laborers and safe equipment to stay safe at work.

Nursing Home Carelessness

This factor mostly affects the senior people due to negligence at nursing homes. Medically, older adults have less control over their balance and posture, which leaves them at a greater risk of facing slip and fall cases. This can be prevented by making the environment senior-friendly and reducing any obstacles that might cause such accidents. 

If you or your loved ones experienced a slip and fall case, you are eligible to file compensation against the property owner. Talk to a personal injury lawyer from Bellevue who can help you with your case and know the rights you hold for your case. 

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