Some Strange E-Liquid Flavours You May Want To Try Or Not

When you look at the various available e-liquid flavours, it is one thing that attracts many people to vaping with the vast array of choices from which you can choose. There are some genuinely delicious flavours you can choose from to vape in your device, but there are also some stranger ones. Some people have created crazy concoctions for their vaping devices that may or may not sound appealing. Below are some stranger flavour concoctions to show you how vast the array of choices is when looking for a new flavour e-liquid to try in your vaping device.

Butter Flavour E-Liquid

When you are used to vaping premium e-liquid from reputable suppliers such as Vapoholic, you may not be aware that people like the flavour of butter vape juice. However, this is real, and some people cannot get enough of the taste of butter and will not settle for only having it on a sandwich or toast. It may sound appealing to you, but many people find it too much by reading some of the reviews of butter e-liquid and liken it to eating a stick of butter.

Black Pepper E-Liquid

Black pepper is a taste that many people enjoy in their food, and it is a staple seasoning worldwide. However, some people like the black pepper taste so much that they decided to turn it into a flavour of e-liquid for people to use. Reading the reviews online, it seems the smell and taste of the e-liquid are accurate, with many people appearing to like it. Out of some of the more bizarre flavours available, it seems to be a good flavour that vapers enjoy.

Tuna Flavour E-Liquid

Tuna is a food that many people worldwide enjoy; however, it is also available as an e-liquid, which some people who like tuna may not find appealing. It is undoubtedly one of the stranger flavours of e-liquid available, but reading some of the reviews online, you would be disappointed if you wanted to vape tuna. The smell of the e-liquid is not overpowering, and many users have said the taste is very mild and subtle when vaping it. It has a faint taste of fish that is not overpowering, but it is not a flavour many people would recommend.

Bacon Flavour E-Liquid

Another flavour of e-liquid that may surprise you is bacon, and many people may be intrigued by this flavour profile. However, when you read the online reviews of bacon flavour e-liquids, most of them are the same, saying the flavour is underwhelming. Many users say it has a faint taste of bacon, but it is also having a burnt taste, making it not enjoyable when using it in a vape. Whether you are a bacon lover or not, this is one flavour that you may want to avoid, and it can have your vaping device smelling like the e-liquid for a long time after you use it.

These are only a handful of some of the strange flavour e-liquids available, and there are plenty more besides these few. You can click here to see some other peculiar e-liquid flavours that you may or may not want to try, depending on your tastebuds.

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