Steps To Get Your Amazon Seller Account From Suspension

Having an Amazon suspended account is not easy, and often the person’s whole business career is based on it. And to get rid of the suspension, you need to know about many things first, so let’s get into it.

What Can Be The Reasons Your Amazon Seller Account Gets Suspended?

Ir is an important question that comes to people’s minds when facing the nightmare of a suspense seller account. So to avoid it, it’s essential to talk about the reasons.

·        Bad Reviews

Suppose you are witnessing negative reviews from your items. And if you are still not doing anything to improve that, Amazon analyses through that and suspends your account.

·        Violation Of Policy

When someone signs up for the Amazon seller account, they must agree to follow all the rules and regulations demanded by Amazon—like people’s copyright infringement, having more than one seller account etc. And if the guidelines are not followed, Amazon will suspend their seller account.

·        Restricted Products

Another reason Amazon suspended its account is that it does not allow fake or restricted products on its site. And when they find out, they will suspend your account.

So, to avoid all these, check your performance level in the seller account. And resolve any mistakes before your account gets suspended.

What Is The Amazon Suspension Appeal?

Amazon suspension appeal is a way through which you are asking Amazon to give back your seller account. You introduce the site with your action plan and acknowledge all your mistakes. You can ask Amazon through the mail if you have any queries about the suspension.

Steps To Get Back Your Amazon Seller Account

To get rid of the Amazon suspended account, you need to think calmly and panicking is not an option in this case. So, here are a few stages you need to follow.

Taking responsibility for your mistakes on this site, being arrogant and accusing Amazon won’t solve any problem.

Prepare Yourself To Apply For An Amazon Suspension Appeal.

  • Don’t apply instantly after getting your suspension mail; read through the accusation.
  • If you think you can’t handle all these situations alone, you can use professional help.
  • Submit your action plan within 17 days; after that, it is impossible to get your account back.
  • While making a plan of action, cover all the critical elements it needs. Add introduction, solutions and facts to it. Write it in bullets and confidently.
  • Wait for at least 3days after sending the call. Don’t send too many emails in one go.
  • Don’t open another new account. It can worsen things, and Amazon may ban your old and new seller accounts from the site.


In the end, you can understand how bad it can get when you have an Amazon suspended account. So always follow the guidelines of the site you are using. Never try to modify the invoice, threaten Amazon for your Suspended Account and bring change for good.

It would help if you always were grateful for what you have. Confidently apply for an Amazon suspension appeal and try your best to get back your seller account.

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