The 10 Startups that you should know in 2020

We gather in this post the proposals of 10 startups that promote energy efficiency which you should know in 2020. With this New Year, it brought more energy crisis which needs to be cater through innovative startups and inventions.  

  • Ethosgen

It uses residual energy to convert it into an electricity network with cooling capacity, offering companies cheap and efficient energy. Its services are more aimed at the military, industrial, technological and renewable centers.

  • Dataglen

Manages and monitors large amounts of information for action protocols and smart systems in industrial applications, last mile logistics, renewable energy generation and health systems management.

  • OhmConnect

It offers residential users an energy management system that reaches their homes, informing them of its origin and the least polluting times of day. It also reports the consumption of its equipment and automates it if it is adapted for it. But, in addition, it allows to sell the energy that is saved directly in the electricity market.

  • AEInnova

This company founded by nine scientists was born with a research vocation for the development of technological solutions for renewable energy. It develops high-tech products and services related to energy collection from residual heat, through which electricity is generated.

  • Wallboxok

The mission of this company is to promote the electric vehicle. To do this, they intend to reduce the barriers that this technology encounters in many cases, such as charging points. They produce and sell different charging points and everything necessary for recharging the electric vehicle.

  • Nnergix

Professionals with extensive experience in the energy and meteorology industry develop this innovative company. It works studying the energy potential of renewable generation plants such as photovoltaic solar energy or wind energy.

  • Momit

This company is considered one of the 50 startups of Lean Hardware greatest impact in Europe. It offers energy management and control products at the residential level to improve comfort at home while achieving significant energy savings.

  • Solar Ezzing

They design online solutions for companies in the solar energy sector. With a single tool, it optimizes the production and distribution of photovoltaic solar energy from its generation to its consumption. They design the best model for each type of company and show the savings and profits to their clients.

  • NubINGs

This company created by three doctors in physics seeks to achieve savings in household electricity consumption. Your product achieves savings on the electricity bill by making real measurements of the consumption of existing electrical equipment in a home. Based on estimates determined by the consumption habits of its use, personalized saving measures are proposed and implemented for each user.

  • Ampere Energy

Awarded for being a clean startup committed to its environment. They are dedicated to manufacturing and integrating smart solutions for energy management, not only residential, but also industrial processes. Specifically, they have smart batteries for the self-consumption of solar energy to achieve energy independence at the residential level.



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