The Best Flowers for Spring

There’s nothing like a beautiful array of freshly grown flowers in your garden to put you in the mood for spring. If you’re feeling like your garden is lacking some spring scents and gorgeous colours you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve got the top plants for you to plant for the spring, watch them bloom through the summer and enjoy the wonderful colours swaying in the spring and summer breeze. Before taking on any planting journey, look into the right places for your gardening equipment, for example Two Wests.


It goes without saying that the Daffodil is the colour of spring. Nothing screams more spring chicken then a beautiful bunch of blooming Daffodils. In the right planter these will look beautiful, or even in the grounds of your garden. You can purchase some beautifully scented Daffodil and catch the scent in the breeze on a warm spring day.

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A Crocus flower is beautiful, particularly when in large quantities planted naturally around any grass areas or rockeries in your garden. I don’t know about you, but for us the Crocus really is the first significant sign that Spring is fast approaching. If you’re looking to increase the wildlife in your garden, you can consider a Crocus Ruby Giant. The amount of pollan this flower produces will provide ample nectar for any insects that pollinate.


When planted in large quantities the Tulip is simply stunning. You can look at planting a variation of different Tulips to create a beautiful texture in your garden. The difference in colours and shape will be lovely to view on a sunny day in the garden with your favourite summers drink and the summer songs on in the background.


If your garden doesn’t get too much sun, you can plant Bluebells as they thrive in damp, shaded areas. Don’t worry one bit if you feel you can’t include a flower display in your garden due to lack of sun as surprisingly this is the best condition for a Bluebell. Another surprising element of the Bluebell being that they will even survive through drought conditions if rainfall is few and far between and you’ve not had a chance to water them yet, although this wouldn’t be advised of course. Consider a raised planter to house your Bluebells in a vast arrangement of colour this will light up any darker garden corner.

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If you’re looking for a powerful scent in your garden the Hyacinth is the perfect flower for you. This flower stands tall and proud and is extremely easy to grow, you can’t really go wrong with this one so if you’re a beginner, take this flower into consideration when starting your planting journey. Ensure your Hyacinth has plenty of sunlight to grow tall, this flower works both indoors and outdoors so you could even consider growing some in the garden and on the kitchen window ledge to bring a sense of the outdoors inside.

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