The bottom line: 5 benefits of dog insurance

Many people have health insurance for themselves but fail to consider insuring their dogs. Often, they online find out later that having doggo insurance was actually a very good idea. There are just so many benefits to ensuring you are financially prepared for any unseen events in your pup’s life, and it’s always good to have the peace of mind that your best friend is insured.

So, before you start to compare dog insurance online, here are five reasons why it’s simply a great idea to have it.

Why is it important to insure your doggo?

Pet insurance companies provide different options to meet your budget and needs. Certain policies cover wellness as well as illnesses and accidents, and some options only include illnesses or accidents. Still, you have to pay for routine flea, heartworm and tick prevention, as well as vaccinations. The more that your dog insurance plan covers, the more money you can expect to pay each month.

Trips to the vet have become more expensive in recent years due to more advanced surgeries and available diagnostic testing. In past years, there were a very limited amount of procedures and testing that could be performed on a pooch. If your dog was sick, all that could be done was provide a pup with medication and hope that its condition improved.

There are now a host of advancements in veterinary medicine, including medical procedures and specialised care, so your dog can receive much better care than in the past. Dogs can receive many of the same procedures and medical attention that humans can, including brain surgery and chemotherapy.

The benefits of pet insurance

It’s a good idea to have dog insurance (or any pet insurance for that matter). Here are five reasons why:

  1. Pet insurance saves you money over time

If your dog gets sick, you can use their insurance to cover the veterinary costs. Depending on your policy, there is usually a small deductible that you have to meet. After you meet this deductible, your insurance policy will then take on a certain percentage of the overall bill, and then you pay the remainder.

  1. Dog insurance increases vet options

Dog insurance allows you to take your doggo to your preferred vet. You also don’t require a referral to see a specialist. This can be great for holidays and after-hours treatment, as these specialty clinics may be the only ones open when you need them.

  1. Insurance allows you to focus on your dog’s health

Dog insurance allows you to focus more on your dog’s health than on the cost of veterinary care. You will be able to cover the costs of surgery as opposed to worrying if you will be able to pay for an unplanned surgery.

  1. You save money on expensive treatments

If, for some reason, your dog is hospitalised, your insurance will help cover the cost of veterinary treatment and other procedures.

  1. Dog insurance provides different treatment options

Dog insurance will allow you to be more flexible with treatment options. You may be able to provide your dog with specialised treatments that perhaps you couldn’t afford without insurance. Without insurance, certain treatments and procedures can cost thousands of dollars. This, coupled with the fact that health problems can arise at any time, can be quite stressful for pet owners.

It’s simply a great idea for dog owners!

Dog insurance, like any pet insurance, is a great idea for taking care of your dog’s health. It helps cover unplanned treatments, and provides you with the flexibility to give your four-legged friend the best treatment available!

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