The Career of Evan Rubinson, Leader of ERA Brands

Evan Rubinson is the Leader of ERA (Evan Rubinson Audio) Brands, and an established leader in the music industry. However, despite having grown up in the music world, his career was not as straightforward as it seems. For several years after school, he was making his mark on Wall Street as opposed to the Sunset Strip. Only after a family tragedy did he decide it was time to transition back into music.

Evan Rubinson came from a family that excelled in musical instruments and accessories, which is how he managed to secure contracts with brands like ddrum Percussion, and Luna. (Thanks to his innovative style, he was able to become co-owner of these brands down the line.) From as far back as he could remember, Evan Rubinson loved both the raw vibes of his favorite songs and the technical aspects of the equipment that made it all possible. More than that, he wanted to know the business side of operations too. As a leader, people look to him to make smart decisions about which brands to take on and how exactly to get those brands into the hands of the right people.

Rubinson would say that he learned the industry from the top-down, which is to say that he was never afraid to think big for the future of his companies. He focused largely on becoming as knowledgeable as possible and building his relationships with others in the industry. Once he had a handle on it all, he thought it was time to start his own venture.

ERA Music Brands now has a number of products under its umbrella, and it’s because Evan Rubinson knows what it’s like to build a brand from scratch. He’s involved in not only the high-level strategies, but also the smaller activities that provide context to the larger operations. He knows how important it is to stay up to the minute with trends, even if he still has to weed through the trends to determine which will impact his bottom line.

Evan Rubinson has a B.A. from Duke University, and a history in finance and investment markets. The founder of hedge fund Koroit Capital, a company specializing in healthcare, he owns and manages real estate in the Southeast United States.

Today, he’s a member of everything from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) to the Duke University Alumni Admissions Committee (AAAC) to the USF Muma College of Business’s Digital Marketing Program. Thanks to his diverse professional background, interpersonal skills, and versatile talents, his colleagues seek out his advice for a variety of matters.


Evan is also a committed philanthropist, giving to organizations like SGT Shredder: Rocking to Heal Vets, the Mike Calta Family Foundation, Tampa Bay Humane Society, Southeastern Guide Dogs, and Wounded Warriors. He also donates to Duke University and Tampa Jesuit High School, honoring the teachers and professors that gave him a firm work ethic and a lifelong love of learning. Know more about Evan Rubinson on CEOWORLD MAGAZINE 

Evan Rubinson Makes a Name for Himself After Following His Father into the Music Industry 

Evan Rubinson grew up with a father who owned a musical instrument company called Armadillo Enterprises. He understood the music industry from an early age and felt comfortable with it. Despite this, Rubinson never envisioned himself following in his father’s footsteps.

Educational Background and Early Career

Rubinson enrolled in the finance degree program at Duke University in North Carolina in the fall of 2010 after having graduated from Jesuit High School the previous spring. After earning his undergraduate credentials, Rubinson started his career in the world of finance. Everything changed when his father received a terminal brain cancer diagnosis in 2016.

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