Top Qualities Of A Good Engineering Recruitment Agency

Sometimes, to find the best engineering talent in the world, you need an engineering recruitment agency. Every organization would wish to have the best employees to work for them to improve the quality of their services and products. That is why several agencies that help companies in recruitment exist. Your employees may make or break your company. Sometimes you may be requiring an additional hand to solve a problem or work on a specific project.

A recruitment agency can help you get the right person. However, it would be best if you considered some factors before selecting the right recruitment agency.

Here are some of them:

  1. Capability And Global Footprint

As the world advances, it’s continuing to become a global village. Your company may be dealing with natural resources like metals, minerals, oil, and gas found in various locations in the world. When trying to find a recruitment agency, you need to find one that can support an international employment profile.

If your company has branches in some locations globally, you may need to recruit employees from other countries to run the day to day operations. Using an established recruitment agency with a global presence can help you acquire employees from various regions.

When searching for a recruiting agency, you need to align your company’s footprint with an agency’s. You shouldn’t only focus on the agency’s ground presence in the countries of operations but also consider its ability to provide the necessary support. For example, obtaining visas vary from state to state. To get visas for employees to work in these countries, applications should be made correctly. A good recruitment agency can facilitate this process and save you from delaying any project deadlines that you may be working towards.

A good recruitment agency should help you source for the workforce from whatever region of the world, help the employees get to the project’s location, and arrange for passport checks, visas, flights, travel insurances, and health checks. Apart from this, they also need to arrange for the employees’ accommodation, prepare payrolls, provide special equipment, and handle any emergency crisis.

They should also plan the returning of offboarding employees after the project is completed. If you find an agency that can do all these, they’re the right ones to hire. No matter where your project’s allocated, your recruitment agency should support you.

  1. Financial Stability

Engineering needs a lot of money to accomplish projects. In the oil and energy market, the fluctuations of barrel prices in the last decade tested producers’ and recruitment partners’ financial capabilities. As a result of this fluctuation, many companies could not pay their employees, making hiring managers try to find alternative arrangements for working on their contracts.

When picking a recruitment partner for your projects, it’s vital to select a financially stable one. If your recruitment agency is also responsible for payrolling employees, you need to ensure that they’ll meet the payrolls every month without fail. Some things that can help you know the financial stability of a recruitment agency include reviewing their accounts, examining their ability to access credit, and finding verification of their financial position.

With the economy sometimes getting tough on industries, you need to select a recruitment partner to help you meet your employees’ obligations even during the most challenging economic times.

  1. Compliance

Regardless of the employees, you seek to recruit; whether they’re in-country nationals or expatriates, you need to be 100% compliant with the national, local, and international laws and regulations. Going against these rules can seriously affect your business and project. Your recruitment agency needs to be committed to complying with all the rules in everything they do. These rules vary from country to country. For instance, in the UK, recruiters and companies must adhere to agency worker regulations, anti-discrimination legislation, agency tax rules, national minimum wage, and working time regulations.

The recruitment agency you hire shouldn’t only understand all the relevant employee regulations and laws of the country you’re seeking for recruits, but they should also have laid out policies and procedures to ensure these regulations are adhered to. Apart from this, the agency should also be well versed with international regulations such as sanctions laws.

Some international laws restrict workers of certain nationalities from working in some specific countries and transferring funds to and from some countries. If your recruitment agency knows all these, they’ll protect you and your employees from the negative consequences of going against regulations in your country of operation. They may also save your HR team from administrative burdens.

  1. Ability To Attract Exceptional Talent

You need to select a recruitment agency that uses unique marketing strategies that can attract top employees. If you choose an agency that uses traditional advertising methods, you’ll get regular results. Unfortunately, most agencies attract candidates who’re either actively seeking a job, contract placement, or are currently out of work. Such candidates may not be the best for your project unless you’re fortunate to find some good ones. Instead, your company needs to have candidates who’re at the pinnacle of their careers.

Top talented candidates rarely spend their time reading job adverts on agency websites or scouring job boards because they’re immersed in coming up with solutions in their industry. To access these candidates, your recruitment partner needs to use an approach that can grab and hold their attention.

Traditional forms of advertising, such as newspaper adverts and job boards, are effective. However, to get top talented candidates, your agency needs to think out of the box. The strategy they use should direct the minds of high-quality prospects towards your vacancies. But this may happen if your company also has a good reputation and is a top brand in its industry.

The Bottom-line

To hire a good workforce, you need the right recruitment agency. Though your HR department can perform this function, a recruitment agency can give it a different angle and help you get the best employees. That’s why you need to consider an agency with a global presence and capability, complies with all rules and regulations, is financially stable, and has strategies for attracting the best talent.

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