Top Tips To Consider When Buying A Garage Door

Garage doors have a rather dull routine as they help keep your assets safe. For as long as it’s in good shape, it will roll up and down, up and down and stop when you least expect. If your garage door is falling apart, residential garage door repair Frisco Texas will sort you out. Homeowners do not often buy a new garage door, so it is imperative to give thought to what will serve you for a long while.

A new garage door keeps you safe and secure. It also provides easy access to the garage. And what’s more? It can refresh your property and upgrade the curb appeal of your home. Here are critical considerations when buying a garage door.

  1. The material

A garage door is not a one size fits all kind of barrier. Additionally, every home has a unique style, and the garage door must blend with the house. The garage door is also the first item a person sees when they gain access to your home.

Garage doors are made from steel, wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and many other materials.

  • A steel door is an ideal option for your garage because it’s resistant to adverse weather elements. It doesn’t crack, warp, fall apart, or delaminate. They rarely rust and will not require repainting as wood doors do.

Most steel doors are made from galvanized steel treated with vinyl or given a baked-on polyester coating. If you choose a steel door, your garage will be warm during winter and cool in summer. Steel doors have foam insulation, especially premium quality. The insulation makes the door quieter, lighter, and handy.

  • Aluminum Garage doors

Aluminum doors are lightweight and come in durable finishes such as embossed wood-grain. Aluminum doors are not susceptible to corrosion and are relatively affordable than steel doors. However, they can dent too easily.

  • Fiberglass doors

 Fiberglass is the best choice if your need is a reliable light transmission. It is also ideal if you are often affected by corrosive ocean climates. However, fiberglass is poor insulation and not durable because it yellows with time and is too fragile in cold seasons. You’ll, therefore, replace it too often.

  • Wood door

Wood has an appealing natural look and quite affordable. Installing it is relatively easy. However, it wears out too fast, thus, requiring regular repainting and refinishing. It warps, cracks because of its innate nature to expand and contract.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl requires low maintenance and is equally durable. It is, however, a relatively new material for making garage doors.

  1. Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a motorized gadget that opens and closes the garage door. It is controlled by switches installed on the garage wall.

Garage door openers run on direct current or alternating current. There are various garage door openers such as; chain-drive, belt-drive, screw-drive and direct drive.

A standard garage door opener has features that include:

  • A remote control, or wall-mount button or keypads
  • A manual release option that enables you to raise or lower the garage door manually.
  • Security lights that are triggered when you turn on the systems. It also turns off automatically after a short while.
  • Rail sections measuring up to 7 feet high.

Today, it’s possible to have additional features owing to advanced technological.

Bonus features are:

  • A keychain fitting miniature remote
  • Home-automated connectivity allowing remote control the opener
  • A photoelectric safety system that can stall or reverse a closing door
  • Smart-phone compatibility which increases convenience when operating the door
  • Automatic motion-sensor to beef up security
  • Silent-on and off the motor that delays tear and wear of the door. It also makes the operations of the door much quiet.
  • A built-in wi-fi connected to the wireless network used in the house. It’s also used to control the door via software installed on your mobile phone

It is crucial to know that most garage door openers control multiple garage bays through the doors that are separate. Additionally, study the product information to confirm whether the features above are compatible with your garage door and ceiling height.

  1. Horsepower Matters

When buying a heavy-duty garage door, match it with higher horsepower. One-piece doors also require higher horsepower because it carries all the weight in a single load. ½ to 1 ½ horsepower is ideal for residential door models. The higher the power model, the less tear and wear your motor will experience. On the other hand, a light door requires a lower horsepower.

  1. Security

Modern garage door openers improve theme security. In case a child or an animal breaks a light beam, it triggers a photoelectric safety mechanism, making the door open in a reverse direction.

An automatic garage door opener allows your door to have a remote transmitter with a unique code that activates the opener. A rolling code feature helps to prevent code theft. This way, your neighbor’s remote device cannot open yours.

 After every remote opening of the garage door, a new code is generated automatically. The new code is configured and accepted the next time you’ll need the door open.

  1. The Cost

The cost should not be the primary determiner when choosing a garage door. The cost of the garage door and door opener are separate. You’ll also require the services of a professional because a DIY approach does not often have good results.

 Installing a garage door requires adequate training, the right tools and equipment, and, of course, experience. Pay a relative cost in regard to the services you’ll receive.

  1. Installation

The professional installation of the garage door is as critical as the product itself. Take time to shop in your locality to find a reputable technician. Fixing a new garage door takes around three to five hours if an old one will be hauled.

Special tools and equipment are used during the installation. A novice or a DIY enthusiast can use the wrong tools, ending up with a poorly installed door and are susceptible to accidents. Springs that are poorly installed can snap and cause injuries.

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