What should be the focus of your local SEO strategy?

When it comes to writing with a purpose for SEO there are several strategies to utilize that will produce results. The key idea behind SEO is that by using optimal words strategically your site will land on the first or second page of search results provided by a major search engine. Ideally, you want your business to land on the first page of results produced to enhance the number of visitors to your page. The more visitors to your page; the more likely for increased business productivity. How exactly do you show up near the top of SEO searches? Follow the following tips for better search engine presence.

5 Tips To Enhance SEO Presence

  • Write with a purpose
  • Plan each post title with key words inserted in the title
  • Use keywords
  • Hyperlink
  • Share

Write With A Purpose

Write with a purpose to attract clientele. Whatever your business is you need to tailor your blog posts and content to match the business. If you are trying to focus on one aspect of your business then that is the aspect that needs content writing. Make sure every topic is on point and utilizes keyword optimization strategies so that anytime someone searches for your service the content will show in a search engine search result page.

Plan each Post Title With Key Words Inserted Into The Title

When writing you will want to focus on keywords that will target search results. If those words are only used within the text there is a likelihood that they will not be noticed during a SEO search. Make sure to insert the key words into the title of the content as well as the body of the text.

Use Keywords

Think about what you want readers to know first hand. While considering the point you are trying to convey, take note of keywords that keep popping up. These repetitive words are imperative to produce ideal search results for customers seeking out your particular brand. Key words absolutely must show up one time in the title but they also must show up several times within the text. When trying to create SEO content the idea is to keep the posts short and sweet. You will want your content to be 250-500 words in length ideally and the key words should show up every couple sentences in a natural flow. Top Houston SEO companies utilize expert content writers to produce quality SEO content for their customers.


Hyperlinks allow readers to easily click on a highlighted portion of text and be directly redirected to the website they are reading about. This is especially ideal when content is being cross posted on various blog sites or customer help sites. Without a hyperlink many readers will not go through the hassle of performing a search engine search for your business site.


Top Houston SEO companies know that it is important to share content regularly. Businesses cannot just post on their business page and expect to be located at the top of an SEO search result. It is important to share blog posts and content on various sites with a combination of key words and hyperlinks.

Utilizing social media is also extremely important for businesses. Customers appreciate a business with a strong social media presence that keeps them alert to updates and trends.

Incorporating these important key factors into content will drastically help to improve any business SEO search results. Businesses must utilize quality content writers and stay on top of market trends as well as continually market themselves via social media in order to draw in more customers and revenue.

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