Why Invest in a Sprinkler system

When planning to build a new home, there are so many things you’ll think about. For instance, you may wonder whether it’s necessary to invest in a sprinkler system installation in your yard. Having one is not only a cost-saving method of maintaining your lawn, but it’s convenient as well.

However, irrigation system installation comes with high upfront costs. That should come before completing landscaping since the soil has to be dug out and replaced for installation to take place.

There are several factors worth considering when adding a sprinkler system to your lawn. Here’s what you need to consider;

The installation cost of your sprinkler system

The price of installing the sprinkler system should be the first thing you think about. After all, without meeting the cost, the installation cannot take place. Several factors help determine the price. They are factors such as required materials, labor, the slope of your yard, number of sprinkler zones needed, type of landscaping, soil type to mention but a few.

Fixing a regular sprinkler system on a quarter-acre cost about $2,000-$4000, but all the factors mentioned influence the pricing. So, allocate about $3000 when planning to have an irrigation system installed in your yard.

Why Install a Sprinkler System?

Since sprinkler systems cost thousands of dollars to install, let’s see whether the whole exercise is worth the effort;


It’s easy to use an irrigation system and highly convenient. The idea of watering the lawn manually daily or weekly is sickening. Automating lawn watering schedules relieves you the stress of worrying about creating time to water your home garden or lawn. So, whenever you are away from your home, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Help to keep the lawn hydrated

A sprinkler system makes it possible to water your lawn at the right time. According to the experts, gardens are best watered early in the morning before full sunlight. That prevents water from evaporating because of excess sunlight. That way, your garden will have ample time to absorb the moisture it needs to maintain its glow.

Also, it’s not advisable to water your lawn after sunset, as that will trigger fungus and diseases. This happens when lawns/ gardens remain moist the whole night. An irrigation system has moisture sensors that enable it to release only the required amount of water for each part of your lawn.

Long-term cost savings

Sprinkler systems use less water as compared to watering a lawn manually. Therefore, the system will save on cost, not to mention that you will save the time you could have used to water the lawn manually. You avoid losing a higher percentage of moisture to the atmosphere since watering takes place in the morning.

Improved resale value

Installation of an irrigation system in your new home will improve its resale value in case you intend to sell your home sometime later. A properly installed system makes a home lawn look healthier and more attractive. And that will give your home an upper hand among buyers during resale.

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