Why is the BIM Execution Plan essential for a Construction Project?

Planning is the foundation of every successful endeavor. An American Writer Dale Carnegie quotes- “An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing” and so constructing a plan becomes an essential task for every project. For BIM Modelling Services and beginning any major construction project, it is important to have an execution plan to implement and review during different stages of the project. A BIM Execution Plan also referred to as BEP or BxP is an all-inclusive document that aids the project teams to identify and execute the role BIM plays in the different phases of the construction management. BxP details the project deliverables demanded by the contract and the exchange of information requirements that is detailed in a BIM Protocol like the CIC BIM Protocol. It is developed as a direct response to the Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) and is prepared as both a pre-contract and post-contract document.

A BEP intends to set the base of a structure to assure successful deployment of advanced designing technologies on the BIM Services enabled projects undertaken. BEP is all about optimizing every work and the model flow across the project rather than focussing on unimportant tasks. The key here is great planning of the designing to engineering to construction processes or phases so that there is a reduction in downstream work, redundancies, reworks, or gaps in the flow of model-based information. For smaller projects or renovations that have little engineering or build-side involvement, the standard BEP would efficiently address the BIM workflow unlike for the larger projects. On bigger projects which involve multiple team members on both the build and design side, a BEP will be required for better synchronizing the BIM workflow among them.

PRE & POST Contract BEP: 

Pre-contract BEP comes forth when the project is at the tender stage. Here before the project is agreed upon, a prospective supplier brings about a BEP with the goal of demonstrating their proposed capability, approach, competence, and capacity to meet the EIR in general terms. But once a contract has been awarded to a supplier, the winning party has to submit a proper BIM Execution Plan which is detailed.

The main aim of this post-contract BEP document is to highlight and confirm the capabilities of the supply chain. A Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP) is also submitted to outline when the project information is prepared across a project, who are the ones responsible for developing the information, and the different procedures and protocols used for generating this information. The information is based on a set of multiple individual Task Information Delivery Plans (TIDP) which will show who is responsible for which information delivery.

BEP when Multiple Suppliers: 

When a project contractor has multiple suppliers for the project then there must be one main BIM Execution Plan, which showcases responsibility for its production in appointment documents. The Subsequent BxPs from the different suppliers or appointees is then harmonized with the existing and the main BEP.

Key Benefits of having a BEP for any BIM Outsourcing services: 

Many times during a construction project the execution of a plan gets halted or buried due to unimportant micro-details which makes it difficult to identify and find the key data for having the project moving and bring about on-time deliverables. But with efficiently built BEPs teams are kept on track which focuses on the essential details and saves hours. Some of the prime benefits of leveraging and developing BIM execution plans for your next construction project are:

  • Project Collaboration: Every project in the AEC sector differs greatly from the ones delivered or the new ones coming on the table and has different requirements based on the needs of the project, internal standards, and regulations; so different projects require different levels of collaboration and information sharing, especially in MEP BIM Services With a BIM execution plan available for the project and it is a living and breathing document it will push forth the collaboration of project teams in real-time through various stages of the project. This will save us from the unnecessary pit-holes among the project tasks, thereby allowing full-attention to be channeled to a project or task irrespective of the requirement or standards in place.
  • Enhanced Team Communication: With BEP instant communication among different teams is encouraged and enhanced from the very start of the construction project. Ensuring clearer communication is available to and from every stakeholder and so there is better management of responsibilities and expectations from the project.
  • Data Sharing: With enhanced collaboration and communication transparency is a big value being added to the project through BIM execution plans and these are readily available for all the stakeholders and teams from the very start of the process. When such a channel is created, contractors to project owners to engineers, everyone involved in the project has direct access to BIM implementation data like file formats, dimensions, and details of the model. This is done in a way that is easily shareable and is updated frequently.
  • Timesaving: One of the biggest barriers in any construction project is a compact schedule. But, with a well-developed BEP that is focusing on the project benefits alone, nobody would be stalled with inspecting details that usually cause harmful delays to project deliverables. Instead with BEP only the most essential details are available in these plans and are worked upon, thereby maintaining the schedule of each deliverable throughout the project and save a great amount of time.
  • Robust Execution: Devising the BIM execution plan which is focused on the project at hand instead of including every standard created, a team can better collaborate and communicate from the start of the project and this will guarantee a stronger execution and finish of the project. When the execution is channeled and made stronger the project owners and investors are pleased and are at a bigger gain. When every execution is as per the plan it will aid in moving the items and flow, thereby being accountable to assure that the project has a powerful finish which is in-time and on budget.

Having seen these perks of employing a BIM Execution Plan for any of the BIM services related projects one can rely on the success of their project which is not only in-time but also stays in the designed budget.

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