Why Kungfu Physics is the Best Physics Tuition Service Provider in Singapore

Numerous studies have proved that professional tuition services can improve a student’s understanding of a particular subject as well as grade in the exams by up to 70%. This is because the tuition sessions are personalised to suit the needs of every student unlike the normal classroom setting where all students are treated equally.

Physics been one of the most complex sciences to most students in Singapore, it is imperative for parents and guardians alike to consider taking advantage of Kungfu Physics tuition services. For more than 5 years now, the facility has helped hundreds if not thousands of students’ master O-lever, IP, and A-Level Physics. If your child is still struggling with physics or you are contended with his or her grades, get in touch with Kungfu Physics.

Here are some of the primary reasons why Kungfu Physics is the best physics tuition services provider in Singapore.

Sessions are led by a Physics Expert

Unlike other facilities that hire graduates or former teachers, all Kungfu Physics sessions are led by the owner, Mr. Gabriel Tan. He used to work at Raffles Junior College as a Physics Lecturer. In addition, he used to work as the Head of Department for Innovations at Catholic High School. 

Some of the awards that Mr. Gabriel Tans is proud of include:

  • Best NSman Trainee in Armour Officer Advanced Course
  • EDB – SMP Scholar for Micron Technology
  • SAF NSman of the Year 2010
  • Best NSman Trainee for Information Operations Course
  • A Grade Teacher (Top 5%) at Raffles Institution in 2010

As evident from the many testimonials posted on social media and other online platforms by students, parents, and guardians who have tried out his services, Mr. Gabriel Tan is truly a professional who is passionate and committed to helping students master Physics. 

Vast Hands-On Experience

When it comes to teaching physics, tutors need to have not only a clear understanding of the various topics and concepts, but also vast hands-on experience. Mr. Gabriel Tan has more than ten years’ experience teaching physics in various Junior Colleges, Integrated Programmer and at O-Level. His expertise and knowledge makes it possible for him to teach various physics topics to students at different levels in a comprehensive, holistic, and easy to understand way.

Tailor-Made Physics Tuition Sessions

One of the downsides of online physics tuition sessions in Singapore is that they do not factor in the unique needs of each student. Mr. Gabriel Tan is aware of this fact and is determined to make a difference and revolutionise the industry by doing things different. 

All the sessions are offered in designated centres and this gives students a chance to connect and interact with him directly as opposed to online learning. The students get a chance to ask questions, interact with students from other schools before, during and after the sessions. These interactions help them to network, share ideas, discuss physics concepts, as well as enhance their social skills. More importantly, the timetable is well organised to suit each student thereby making it easy for them to attend. 

Mr. Tan strives to establish a connection with every student and this greatly helps to make the learning process interactive and enjoyable. The connection and friendly learning style helps him to pinpoint each student’s strengths and weakness thereby making it possible to choose a teaching style that suits them well.

KungFu Physics Journey Stages

One of the highlights of Physics is that virtually all the concepts taught in class can be applied in real life scenarios. Mr. Gabriel Tan determination to change students’ perspective about physics enabled him to create a series of unique KungFu Physics Journey stages that ensures the students fully comprehend the topics taught and can apply them in life. Their understanding of each concept is extensively tested before they progress to the next stage and this prevents any students from being left behind.

It is also important to note that Mr. Tan sessions are not merely meant to teach students physics and prepare them for upcoming exams, but to also help them to see the value of physics concepts in life. He also goes an extra mile to offer additional physics papers for self-practice. Students can also communicate with him via WhatsApp at any time of the day.


Attending Mr Tan’s tuition, it felt like I was entering another world. Physics used to feel like an annoying sibling that I wanted to cut ties with. Yet, through his tuition, I realised Physics was much more. Physics is used to solve so many world problems and bring convenience to our lives.
Attending his lessons, I could feel Mr Tan’s love for Physics and this also helped me develop a liking in Physics as well. His information-filled notes, armed with diagrams, have also helped me to grasp concepts easier, allowing my grade to jump from B4 to A2.
He has piqued a sense of curiosity in me, making me find out more about the world of Physics, such as string theory and quantum physics. Thanks Mr Tan, for opening up a whole new world and encouraging me to learn not just for academic excellence, but for life.

Megan, Peirce Sec

Before I entered Kung Fu Physics, my physics fundamentals were already solid but i was unable to apply and interpret questions. Through my time in Kung Fu Physics, Mr Tan exposed me to a wide variety of question types including questions that mixed multiple topics into one. At the same time he would slowly but surely explain the solutions sothat we understand them. He would also extend lessons or even stay behind after class for questions to ensure that each of us learns the scheme of work for that lesson. He equipped me with great summary notes which also boosted my confidence right before the A level paper itself.

Jialing, RI (Raffles Institution)

Mr Tan has been a very patient and caring physics tutor the past 2 years he has taught me at Kungfu Physics. At first, I was struggling to grasp the understanding of physics concepts in JC1, since my foundation in physics was weak. However, with Mr Tan’s patience and guidance and clarity in teaching, I was able to better understand physics concepts and this greatly helped me in improving my physics grades in JC2. Besides the clear summaries and explanations of physics topics, learning how to solve questions became easier too, with the constant drilling and practice Mr Tan gives us in class. The notes Mr Tan gives is comprehensive and covers all that is required in the A level syllabus and more, helping us learn more quickly and have a clearer understanding. Overall, Mr Tan’s carefully tailored physics tuition classes helped me have a better grasp of physics concepts and also allowed me to improve and excel at physics.

Lucas, HCI (Hwa Chong Institution)

I remember by school teacher telling me “If you can suddenly jump from C and D to A, 早就 jump liao. Impossible one.” What was impossible became possible after I met Mr Tan. Mr. Tan is a fantastic tutor who has been really helpful to me. I was the rock bottom of my class, as described by my teacher and I was on the road to dropping to combined science and even did 10 years of combined science TYS but results has not shown any improvement! As a triple science student, it was definitely something I wanted to avoid.
However, after meeting Mr. Tan, I managed to get an A for my pure physics prelim and being one of the top in class, I was told not to drop and eventually I managed to clinch that A in ‘O’ levels as well. Without Mr. Tan being there to answer my queries and his clear and in-depth explanations, I would never have been able to start appreciating physics and achieve my A. Thank you Mr. Tan!

Zhengjie, Kranji Secondary

Mr Tan, A very big THANK YOU for your guidance in physics during this crucial year! My understanding, knowledge and passion towards this subject has certainly grew! It has really been a fun and fruitful journey during this period. Also the chats in JC choices, life or any random topics have also been very memorable! It seems so sudden that we have come to the last session. Nonetheless, I’m glad to have improved in physics.

Xinyi, Chung Cheng High Main

Closing Remarks

Mr. Gabriel Tan is truly a professional Physics tutor that you can count on to help you improve your understanding of physics concepts and grades. His rates are affordable and timetable is flexible. Get in touch with KungFu Physics today for holistic Physics Tuition services in Singapore. 

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