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Why should you keep away From Duplicate versions of Office?

Are you looking to save money by installing a pirated version of Microsoft Office setup  in the system? It may seem a budget-friendly option in the beginning, but you need to understand that it can hurt you badly in many different manners. We know that the majority of people never thoughts on how this cheap duplicate software can cost them.

According to the latest figures, nearly US$ 63 million of computer programs are either duplicate or pirated. In this post, we are going to tell you about the dangers of using a duplicate version of MicrosoftOffice/setup in your system.

  1. Stop Anytime

The biggest problem that you are going to face with the duplicate Office is it can stop working anytime. There are many instances where people lose a thousand dollars of projects due to their duplicated Microsoft Office get corrupted.

Pirated software can get malfunctioned at any time that will likely affect the performance of a company or even an individual.

  1. Prone to viruses

There is a great risk possessed by duplicate software in terms of malware and viruses. In fact, the majority of them are Trojans that allow hackers to steal valuable data. You make the system prone to these viruses by installing duplicate Microsoft in the system.

Moreover, there are malicious codes found in lots of duplicate Microsoft Office due to which hackers can gain access to your important data. They can control your webcam & device using this. We suggest everyone to avoid using pirated Office due to this important reason.

  1. Causes Legal Issues

Every company wants to protect its assets from getting stolen, and the same goes for Microsoft who has created Office after research lasting years. It is entirely fair for them to take legal actions against the people who use duplicate versions of their software.

It means you can even land in legal trouble by installing and using a duplicate version of Microsoft Office in your system.

  1. Can’t get updated

Microsoft Office is updated from time to time for eliminating patches or any similar problem. The main motive behind these consistent updates is to make the experience better for the users. However, it is almost impossible to get these benefits from a duplicate Microsoft Office.

If you end up installing a pirated version of Office in your system, then you need to understand there will be lots of limitations with which you have to deal.


 We have only pinpointed some of the dangers that you have to face by installing a duplicate Office. The exact number of risks is quite long about which the majority of people don’t even understand. Many companies have lost millions of dollars due to fake software in their system.

Our team believes that no you understand why it is better to stay away from the duplicated version of Microsoft Office. If there is still a query in your mind regarding this program, please email us or write in the comment section.

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