Lula Will Meet With Alberto Fernandez To Discuss Technological Cooperation: Lula Fires Brazilian Commander: In Brazil, A Man Falls Off A Trail And Dies:The Icc Will Announce The Schedule Of Awards.

Lula Da Silva will hold a bilateral meeting today with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez. Both leaders will discuss a technological cooperation accord with Antarctica. It is the first overseas meeting for Lula after becoming president of Brazil. He will also discuss transporting gas through a pipeline to the state of Rio Grande do Sul from Patagonia.

Lula will also represent the return of Brazil to the bloc by taking part in the conference of Caribbean states and Latin American communities. Jair Bolsanaro, the former president of Brazil, removed the country from the forum in 2019, claiming the dictatorships of Cuba and Venezuela.

Lula expects to hold discussions with Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou.

According to the latest information from the Breaking News Network, Lula will hold a discussion with Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, the president, on Wednesday. He will leave for the US on February 10, 2023, for a conference with POTUS Joe Biden.

Lula Fires the Army Commander

Lula Da Silva removed Jlio César de Arruda, the General of the Brazilian Army, today. Tomás Miguel Ribeiro Paiva, South General, will head the Brazilian Army. On Friday, Arudda took part in a meeting chaired by Lula. Other participants in the meeting are Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno, the Brigadier General of the Air Force, Marcos Sampaio Olsen, the Navy commander, and José Mcio Monteiro, the defense minister. It is Lula’s first meeting with the Armed Forces Commanders since he punished the military for their role in the Rio riots on January 8 and defended his decision.

In Brazil, a man died after falling from a 15-meter trail.

According to the latest breaking news, a 29-year-old man fell from a 15-meter trail in Florianópolis state and died. The incident took place in the afternoon yesterday in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The rescuers said he slipped when he was crossing the cave trail. His body is found in a difficult-to-reach location. The medical team accessed the body using a helicopter. He suffered trauma to the head and the face. He also fractured his legs and arms.

The ICC will announce the winners of the ICC Awards 2022.

The ICC (International Cricket Council) has decided to begin announcing the winners of the prestigious ICC Awards 2022 on January 23, 2023. The voting for the ICC Awards is already concluded and ready to celebrate outstanding performers in women’s and men’s international cricket, and the stage is now set for revealing the results.

The Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for male cricketer of the year and the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy for female cricketer of the year will be awarded to the outstanding performers in various international cricket formats.

The ICC will announce the top five teams of the year before revealing the names of the individual prize winners. The top performers are chosen by polling of cricket fans during the previous year. The winners of the men’s T20 world cup and the women’s cricket world cup will be announced. It is an exciting moment, and the fans will be eagerly watching to know if their favorite stars win the prize.

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